Retro Perfumes are Coming Back in a Major Way

Time to dust off those old bottles, dig through your mum, or grandma's fragrance stash and get into the retro groove as they're making a major comeback.

Perfume, like fashion, is very much a product of its time with more fashionable brands taking over the market and being popular and than others, falling to the shadows for a few years, or decades, until they become popular in scent again.

Interested in catching this trend of sporting a retro fragrance? Well, it's not just a case of digging out mums old bottles and spraying them around as regulations on scent components in the 80's meant that many fragrance companies had to reformulate their perfumes.

But there are a few perfumes you can still purchase and even some that have been recreated, making the fragrance as close as possible to the original. And here are a couple of my favourites...

Cast your mind back to the 60's. Do you remember raiding your mums dressing table and spraying yourself in Aqua Manda perfume before pretending to be a grown up with this stunning aroma surrounding you.

The fragrance begins with a luminous and juicy citrus accord delicately combined with a contrasted floral heart. The soul of the composition is written in the warm chypre gourmand dry down enhanced with the sensual mystery of the vetiver note.

The original creator of Aqua Manda fragrance, Christopher Collins and the original oil suppliers have acted as advisers on the relaunch of this iconic perfume. As they did with the formidable Aqua Citra Perfume too.

Aqua Citra Perfume opens with an explosion of citrus notes combined with a soft spicy accord brings a contrasted freshness to the green floral heart of the composition, leaving an addictive woody and musky drydown at the end.

This one brings back the most memories for me. I remember visiting my great-grandma and her whole house would be scented of this citrus aroma. I actually love this scent and have started wearing it a lot whilst out during the day - it's a real day to day scent that can be worn so easily.

But if you don't want to go back that far into history. How about back to the 90's, when the Spice Girls were all the rage, bright colours were back in fashion, and everybody who knew about perfume would be wearing Tribe. Well Tribe Perfume has risen again...

Tribe is designed to suit every woman and make their life full of colour, with its signature bright bottle, opening with a bright cocktail of juicy fruits, a delighted bouquet of rose, jasmine and orange flower brings the femininity. Then, soft musks, creamy vanilla and sheer cedarwood are enveloping and comfortable offering a bold and unique signature.

Employing the renowned French perfumer, Givaudan to develop the perfume, the creators of this amazing recreation of the original perfume found out the original ingredients and got to work making sure this perfume brought back those memories of the 90's, in every way.

Tribe is not like modern day perfumes. It's fruity yet floral, and brings so much to the table. It's my favourite of my whole dressing table and one I'll wear on many a night out, reminiscing about the 90's as I do so...


  1. Yeah - these are fab

  2. I haven't heard of Aqua Manda. I'll have to look out for it.

  3. Olden but golden fragrances!