Creating An Easy To Maintain Garden

There's nothing worse on that first day of the school holidays, to open your curtains, see that bright sun, and then run outside to realise that your garden looks a state, and that it's going to take a good few hours to get it ready for playing in and enjoying. 

That's why I opt to creating our garden to be easy to maintain all year round. And here are a few ideas to create an easy to maintain garden...

Flower Power In Planters
I'm sure we all want a garden that is full of life and bright flowers, but having to dig them over year on out, putting in new flowers and bringing them all to life is a pain in the bum. To help bring some floral love to my garden, I have planters dotted around with a beautiful array of coloured flowers in them. It saves having to sort the whole garden out each year and the plants are beautiful just on their own too. 

Keep That Grass
All too often the most common answer to the problem of finding time, ability or enthusiasm to maintain a garden, is to pave the whole thing over. Thankfully, with some simple considerations, there are much better ways to manage a garden. My sons love our grass and having an area that is soft for them to play on, and not as hot as the path during the summer so they can play out bare-foot. Grass is so easy to maintain too.

Cover It In Bark
If you're not one to mow the lawn every few weeks, then an easy idea, would be to fill the area with play bark and make your life a whole lot easier. Long lasting bark chips are easy to maintain, and perfect for around children's play equipment as they give a cushion effect when jumping, or falling, off apparatus. 

Have A Separate Patio Area
I always used to hate getting out all our outdoor furniture every time I wanted to use it and so instead, I had some paving put down to create a patio area. This meant that the garden was always ready to be used whenever we wanted to entertain outside with no fuss. 

If all else fails, cover it in toys...
With having 3 children, our garden is full of toys and play equipment for them. And in a way, this helps to keep our garden maintained. Well, not really, but you can't see any of the garden to notice it any more ha!


  1. Great list - thank you.

  2. That's my goal - been making it easier to manage for a few years now

  3. I love pretty filled pots in the garden.

  4. Some great ideas. Love pots filled with flowers.

  5. I am all for easy to maintain gardens, at the moment we are knee-deep in acorns and oak tree leaves