My 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you've been together for a long time, like my husband and I - 14 years and still going strong-ish - then you'll know that after the first couple of years, Valentine's Day doesn't factor in as an important day any more. 

It's not all about the big gestures and romance in abundance, it's about knowing what each other likes and going with that. So this year I thought I would write about the best items to buy to celebrate Valentine's when you've been together an age.


Everything you ever wanted to know about spam filters

The amount of times I've emailed a person, a brand, a client, and not got a response until maybe a month or so later, when they tell me I've entered their spam folder. When your emails start going into the spam folder, it can be hard to get out of, unless that person lets their email provider know, by clicking the 'not spam' tab, that you're not in fact spam. It seems to be the black hole of the email universe, and when it comes to email marketing, the spam folder is the last place you want your emails to land. 

Many a time I've missed an important campaign because my emails have wondered off into the wrong folder, so it not only affects marketing but potential work for us why rely on email for our clients too. For me, email is such an important aspect of my job and so it's paramount that my emails are delivered to the correct place.


Alternative Valentine's gestures that will revive your love life

We’ve just finished giving gifts to our loved ones for Christmas, but in a few weeks, we’ll be doing it all over again for Valentine’s Day. But unlike the general love for Christmas, Valentine’s Day has developed something of a ‘trendy’ dislike — 52% of consumers say they think the day is a waste of money, and 81% reckon the day is far too commercial these days.

Yet, despite the apparent public fatigue with Valentine’s Day, we all seem to be engaging with the day to some degree. In fact, Valentine’s gift spending is actively increasing year on year, with 2018’s Valentine’s gift sales hitting £650 million in the UK, up from £620 million in 2017 and £470 million in 2016.


The Priority Services Register | Making It Easier For Those We Love

Since meeting my husband, and subsequently being a part of his family, I have seen just how people with disabilities are sometimes treated differently, and not always for the better, when it comes to paying bills, and how they live. 

My mother-in-law has a range of complex needs which leave her unable to always leave her house, talk to people, and understand what she is being told. This can mean that she is sometimes left flustered when she has to ring utility companies about her bills, or for any other reason, especially when they won't allow other people to converse for her.


My 5 Minute Make Up Routine

As a busy parent, I sometimes don't have time to brush my hair let alone put on a full face of make up. I used to have good intentions, getting up five or ten minutes earlier each morning and mastering the art of the subtle contour, or drawing the perfect cat-eye, or at least putting on some damn concealer, but I realised that I'd rather have those extra 5 minutes in bed. 

So I came up with my own 5 minute routine, to give myself a nice day look that is quick and easy to apply, without taking up too much of my time. Here is how it goes...


How To Make Sure You Pass Your Car MOT Check

If your car is more than three years old, it has to pass an MOT test every year to make sure it is road worthy. Taking your car in for a test can be a daunting experience and often the reasons for failing are minor faults that can be fixed beforehand if you make sure to check your car before taking it in. 

If you pass the test, your garage will supply you with an MOT test certificate, and you are then legal to drive off. You need to make sure you do this every year as a legal requirement, and to make sure you car is road legal.

Regional foods of the UK – How did they begin?

Part of Britain’s perpetual charm is its ability to retain regional traditions that maintain a city’s pride. Etiquette would encourage us to dive in to a local pub in a new town and order the local delicacy, the server would even be happy to fill you in on the inception of the dish and how it revolutionised until modern day, as after all, it’s a history lesson as well as a tasty dining experience! Here, with the help of Alnwick restaurant Hog’s Head Inn, we take a brief look at some of the country’s weird and wonderful local dishes and how they came to be.

Win University Games Staccups

Today I've teamed up with University Games to give you the chance of winning the family favourite game, Staccups! Speed and hand eye co-ordination are needed, in this fast, frantic stacking game. 

Race your opponent to clear all of your cups. If the base colour of your cup, matches the top colour of one on the podium, then stack it. Quickly!


How to Emotionally Prepare for the Arrival of Your Baby

Welcoming your son or daughter into the world will be a life-changing event. It is perfectly natural to feel a mix of emotions both during pregnancy and after childbirth, which can range from excitement and joy to fear and ambivalence.

While it is almost impossible to know exactly how you will feel once your child arrives in the world, here are some helpful tips on how to emotionally prepare for the arrival of your baby.


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