Rid The Midweek Monotony With Chicken Tonight

I love cooking, it's such a passion. Trying out new recipes, marinades and flavours to see whether they work, and if my kids will eat them. We don't always have time to blast out a brand new meal each day though and usually opt for quick fixes that will get us through, but are still tasty and nutritious.

I like using sauces that not only give meat extra flavour but give different options to have as a meal. And when Chicken Tonight go in touch with me, wanting me to show how you can use their sauces to create some fab midweek meals, I thought now was the best time to show how easy meals can be made, that are varied and quick.

Monday - Fiery salt & pepper chicken with couscous and salad
Couscous is an absolute favourite of mine. No faffing and ready in 5 minutes. I simply add some lemon and a bit of mint leaf to mine whilst using a vegetable stock to sock into it. It works so well with the Fiery salt & pepper chicken as it calms down the spices in it chunks of onion, red pepper, chilli and a hint of five spice and is Asian inspired, giving it a spicy but sweet taste to it.

I baked this one in the oven as I find hot sauces always work better when left to bake for a while. Which means, once the chicken and sauce is in the oven dish, it can be left to cook on its own for half hour, with no standing around watching it. 

Tuesday - Chicken in a leek & bacon sauce with tagliatelle
Pasta is the thing in our house. We'd eat it everyday if we could as it's so versatile and filling too. The leek & bacon sauce works so well with pasta and the hint of parsley gives it a lovely herby taste. The comforting sauce is warming and perfect to have on a cold day.

I slightly browned the chicken in a pan before adding the sauce and letting it simmer whilst the pasta was boiling. I used fresh pasta for this for a quick meal but you could easily use dried, just make sure too cook for longer. Served with a tear+share garlic bread as a simple accompaniment. 

Wednesday - Hot & spicy Jamaican jerk chicken with wedges and corn on the cob
This sauce is perfectly balanced, a sweet and tangy hot sauce with allspice, thyme and chilli. I did something a little different with this one and breaded the chicken beforehand, just to give a little extra texture to the dish. A simple flour, egg and breadcrumb dips to pop to chicken into and then lightly frying it until cooked. I added them into the sauce once done to gather up all the flavour.

I imagine this one as more of a summer dish, where you can enjoy it whilst sat outside on the veranda, maybe even browning the corn on the cob over a barbecue a little. My wedges were just lightly seasoned on this one as I didn't want to take away from the sauce over the chicken, but you could easily add a little Cajun spices, or chilli to give them a kick.

Thursday - Chicken in a honey & mustard sauce with mash and veg
I personally love anything which has a sweet and tangy base with honey & Dijon mustard. IT's just like the two things marry together so well. I served this dish with some creamy mash, herby roast potatoes and vegetables. I like the idea of this dish as it's warming and ideal for the winter cold weather.

Out of all the dishes, this one was probably the one which took the longest to cook, but that was more down to par-boiling potatoes for the roasts and getting the mash just right. The chicken aspect is actually the easiest bit as once the chicken in browned, you can simply let it simmer in the sauce, letting it take on all those sweet flavours. 

Friday - Turkey boxing day curry with rice and naan bread
Turkey, I hear you say. Yes! Chicken Tonight have bought out their very brand new Turkey Tonight Boxing Day Curry, just in time for the Christmas season. I've got to admit that I am a lover of curry, even though I don't like too much spice, I love the aromatic flavours that you get from curried foods.

I got diced turkey for this dish but you could easily use the leftover turkey from Christmas dinner. I let the meat simmer in the sauce whilst prepping everything else. Boiling the rice until it was fluffy and adding a few seasonings, as I always find that rice can get lost when being against a curry which is packed full of flavour. A quick naan to serve on the side (and to scoop up all the excess sauce) and it's ready to go.

The thing I love about the Chicken Tonight sauces, is that they make it so easy to cook a flavoursome, quick meal from scratch. All these meals were filling, hearty and full of different flavours, all bringing something different to the table with a mixture or spices and flavours to suit different tastes.

Out of all of them, my favourite was the new Turkey Tonight Boxing Day Curry. The flavours were immense without being overpowering, the spicy yet sweet sauce just coated the meat beautifully and left me wanting more. And if you don't want turkey, you could use it over any meat to suit. I think it would be amazing over slow cooked diced beef too. 


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  7. This looks so tasty!

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