Our 2018 Christmas Eve Box

Each year when Christmas arrives, I like to try out a new tradition to see if it'll stick for us, and one we've loved the past few years is having a Christmas Eve Box for the boys. This seems to have grown even more this year with a trend of making a full box, rather than buying a pre-made one, and filling it with super special treats for the day before Christmas.

Presenting young with a box full of treats on December 24th is the latest festive tradition to make its way to the UK from across the Atlantic from the US, with some parents going all out when it comes to personalising their children's boxes and being crafty with homemade wares. 

I love starting my own family traditions – we never had stockings as kids, but I always do one for the boys and now we also have this new one to bring the Christmas magic. Childhood goes by so fast so it's great to keep that magic alive for as long as possible and let my children grow up with these amazing memories. 

When I popped up to ASDA this week, I knew I needed to find everything I could for our Christmas Eve Box and so scoured high and low through the store to create a box that is so special and perfect for my three boys.

Now a Christmas Eve Box can include anything at all. Whatever you think your children will like to receive, but I personally chose a few items that I knew would fit for any Christmas Eve Box with some treats thrown in. My Christmas Eve box products can be found in stores across Yorkshire including Asda Glasshoughton.

Every year I like to include a new book to add to the boys Christmas book collection - we're getting quite the pile now. And this year I found this cute The Christmas Bear book at ASDA and just had to get it. It is a lift-the-flat book and follows around the Christmas Bear as he ventures about to find Tom's house in time for Christmas morning. What's more, the Christmas books are only £4 each with it being 2 for £7 which is great if you're purchasing a few. 

And secondly is always a new DVD to add to their collection. We recently went to watch the new Grinch and it came to me that the boys have never seen the original, so that was what I got. The Grinch That Stole Christmas. At £3, it's a steal, and a timeless classic with a great story and a fabulous Christmas theme which I know the boys will love. 

Even though Christmas day is following, I always like to add a little toy each to just give the boys something to play with on Christmas Eve. We spent just a few pounds on the Hot Wheels car each for the boys which will no doubt be loved and a great addition to the many, many they already own. 

As well as the bits that gives the boys something to do on Christmas Eve, I think it lovely to add in some goodies too. The tin of biscuits was only £2 and will go down a storm as we watch the movie, as will the little pyramid of Kit Kat Senses. I also popped in some chocolate coins as they're a staple at Christmas and cam in both white and milk chocolate. My favourite treat was the cute little Lindt bears though. They're were 3 for £1 and are adorable. 

A little gingerbread decorating kit was added as it'll give the boys something crafty to do during the day whilst also letting them eat their creations - bonus! And then I bought the little Christmas plastic beaker as I thought it was lovely, and quirky with the straw on the outside. 

I don't think we can officially call it Christmas Eve without hot chocolate, so to make it special I bought some little hot choc sachets and gorgeous Christmas mugs to drink them in. Even this was such a cheap aspect with the sachets being 4 for £1 and the mugs £1.50 each. You could now go all out when making up the hot chocolates and add a little squirty cream and maybe some marshmallows. My boys do like a candy cane added to there'e to give it a Christmassy feel. 

And the one thing a Christmas Eve Box just has to include - festive pyjamas. Matching pj's are so in right now and so I just had to pink these for the boys and they were only £7 for the youngest to £9 for my eldest. You could even go all out and match everyone in the family as ASDA do a whole range of matching pyjamas for babies, children and adults. 

Just shopping for, and creating, this box has left me feeling so Christmassy - that could also be down to the huge chocolate and Bailey's range that I bought whilst shopping also. And now I cannot wait until Christmas Eve to see the boys faces when they find this amazing box of goodies by the tree...


  1. Sarah Green09:24

    I’m not usually into americanisms but this is a good idea. My baby is too young but I’ll definitely look into it when she’s older

  2. I love doing the Christmas Eve Box I need to add more bits ready for Blake's

  3. This is such a great tradition to get into

  4. Lovely! What I like about Christmas Eve boxes is the way they can take the pressure off the day itself. Spreading the festivities a little can be a real help.