My Guide To Swimming Aids For Babies and Toddlers

When I was younger, the only way you could learn to swim was to be thrown in and hoping for the best. You might even get a pair of armbands to wear but they'd rub on the arms and whenever you turned to the side they'd poke you in the eye. 

Nowadays though, safety for children in the water is so important and we can now buy a whole host of products to help children float whilst in the water to help prevent them from going under. Obviously none of these items are life jackets and need to be used under constant adult supervision and if used in a safe manner, they'll help children to float, and give them enough buoyancy to practise their breast stroke.

For Babies

Firstly we need to talk about nappies. When a baby is in the water they need to wear a swimming nappy. This stops any accidents from going into the water, keeping is hygienic and safe. Disposables are a bit rubbish though and don't often fully fit, causing leakages, and the whole bad for the environment thing too. 

The Konfidence AquaNappy Swim Nappy, which is in the Pink Hibiscus design here, is a total solution when it comes to the swimming nappy. The one-size-fits-all design making them superb value as the poppers can alter to fit from around 3 month to around 2 and a half years. 

To go with the nappy, you'll also need a floatsuit. Okay, you're not planning on trying to get your baby to practise the front crawl, but it's always good to have the protection of a flotation device in use, just in case your new little walker decides to bomb into the pool.

The Konfidence Mia Floatsuit is for those who prefer the more traditional swimsuit, but with the added bonus that it provides adjustable buoyancy for the baby wearing it and freedom of movement through eight removable floats worn in outer pockets.

Toddlers and Young Children

Once your child is out of nappies you could opt for Splash About Swimming Costume, this is in Pink Pear design, which comes in sizes from 12 months to 6 years. This pretty in pink design features a pear motif and ruffles at the top of the leg. 

Not only is it soft and stretchy which means it's comfortable to wear, but it also offers UPF50+ the highest sun protection found in fabric. It’s also quick dry material so ideal for the pool at home or abroad when your children might be in and out of the pool all day. 

If you are going to be abroad and out in the height of the sun, then the Splash About Rash Top, in the Apple Daisy design, is an ideal beach cover up. With UPF50+ sun protection it protects young, vulnerable skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Made from stretchy and lightweight fabric, the rash tops are designed to keep little bodies cool and protected. 

The Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest is a fun, practical introductory learn-to-swim aid for children who are aged between 12 months and 6 years and is ideal for children who like to take off the vest once out of the pool. Used for helping toddlers gain confidence in the water as well as enabling older children to perfect their skills as they learn-to-swim independently.

It's also ideal for travelling with as its slim and compact so easily fits into hand luggage as it almost packs flat. Made from high quality, quick drying durable neoprene with non-removable, puncture proof foam floats, this soft flexible jacket provides UPF50+ and has a chunky secure safety zip and super soft binding to prevent chaffing.

Once children are confident with in the water and able to support themselves to swim, they can then wear normal swimming gear. Although in the Summer or hot countries, it's still best to wear a rash vest to keep the sun from those easy to burn areas. 


  1. What a lovey selection. Teaching babies and toddlers to be confident in the water is both a gift and a responsibility of parents. It is as important s early reading.

  2. These look great; so useful, and really cute, too, which is a bonus! Every little extra that can help children take to swimming is worthwhile.

  3. Theresa Thomas23:24

    Great review. Nice to have ideas that are cute and safe

  4. Perfect ideas for my neice - she's so fretful of water

  5. These are ideal for my Granddaughter.

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