A Wicked Uncle Christmas

When it comes to buying toys that are good for all my children's age ranges, it can be hard work. Trying to look around a website that gives no insight into gifts that are better for younger children or older. It's usually a case of baby, toddler and kids, no in between.

What's fun for one might not be suitable for another. I do like toys that can stand the test of time though and suit all ages, and both genders. Toys that are fun for all and so when Wicked Uncle got in touch, I scoured their website to try and find a couple of toys that the boys would love.

And I've got to admit that I do like how their site is laid out. With options for genders, age ranges and types of toys. There is also a gifting section which helps you decide on toys that would be suitable for the personality, age and gender of the child you're gifting to. Wicked Uncle has a brilliant range of unusual and fun presents for children of all ages

We picked out the Road Racer Beechwood Car which I liked due to it being wooden so will last a lot longer than plastic. This smart wooden GT racing car is made from European beechwood and is 11cm long. It has a sleek shape and smooth rolling wheels, with highly detailed body features. 

It's great as the easy snap-fit pieces can be taken apart so that children can put it back together and all the pieces are interchangeable with all styles of Motorworks vehicles so children can collect a few and make new vehicles from all the different parts. 

For the second toy, I went for one that seems to be at the top of a lot of children's Christmas lifts to Santa this year. The Robo Chameleon. This remote control Chameleon from Silverlit is award winning (2018 Toy Award Winner) and super easy to use. 

At 26cm long, the chameleon changes colour with his cool LED illuminated body, rolls his cute eyes and even wags his tail as he moves. He is controlled via the remote control which moves him in all directions, can change his colour and even has a Snack button for when he's feeling hungry. When this is pressed, his long tongue then shoots out impressively and catches the 'bugs', which are small magnetic discs with insect pictures, that end up stored in his mouth.

A sure winner for this year at Christmas as I'm sure a lot of children will be happy on Christmas morning when they open their very own chameleon. We got this for C but it's so cute and easy to use that even J would love it, as would T too. 


  1. They sound great! I can see why the Robo Chameleon is so popular.

  2. Can't beat wicked uncle - their is always something for everyone

  3. This looks like fun - thanks for the link

  4. I'm gonna take a look at their website this year x


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