Pour Moi | My Favourite DD+ Swimwear Brand

Few of us can claim to actually enjoy bikini shopping. The stress of buying for a DD+ bust is even worse as it's not just a case of scrolling the net and picking one in a pretty colour, you have to look at support, coverage, hold, and whether you actually like the look, once all that is added in.

For us bigger busted ladies, flimsy triangles and bits of string do little to support, or hold in, the bust, and ones that come in dress sizes can just go straight out the window as they do not translate to bust size at all. Don't even get me start on those of us that wear a different size up top to the bottoms, as that's a whole other ball game.


My Guide To Swimming Aids For Babies and Toddlers

When I was younger, the only way you could learn to swim was to be thrown in and hoping for the best. You might even get a pair of armbands to wear but they'd rub on the arms and whenever you turned to the side they'd poke you in the eye. 

Nowadays though, safety for children in the water is so important and we can now buy a whole host of products to help children float whilst in the water to help prevent them from going under. Obviously none of these items are life jackets and need to be used under constant adult supervision and if used in a safe manner, they'll help children to float, and give them enough buoyancy to practise their breast stroke.


A Wicked Uncle Christmas

When it comes to buying toys that are good for all my children's age ranges, it can be hard work. Trying to look around a website that gives no insight into gifts that are better for younger children or older. It's usually a case of baby, toddler and kids, no in between.

What's fun for one might not be suitable for another. I do like toys that can stand the test of time though and suit all ages, and both genders. Toys that are fun for all and so when Wicked Uncle got in touch, I scoured their website to try and find a couple of toys that the boys would love.

Car Tyre Care List For When You Travel A Lot

Tyres wear down over time, there is no getting away from that fact. It doesn't matter whether you travel locally in short journeys or longer jaunts for work, eventually, mile after mile, tyres will need changing as they don't last forever. 

However, there are a number of things that us travellers can do to preserve tyres for as long as possible, and it makes a lot more financial sense to do so, as the cost of replacing tyres is never something that car owners welcome with open arms.


Megan Markle's Favourite Breakfast Recipe

Having a breakfast packed full of flavour and powerful antioxidants is the way to start off the day on the right track, and Meghan Markle credits her healthy lifestyle to the Californian diet and describes her favourite way to start the day, recommending an “Açaí bowl, clean cleanse shake, or a green juice.”

With her upcoming arrival into motherhood, Meghan has revealed her £4 go-to daily breakfast routine, that’s likely to keep her looking and feeling great even on those late stage pregnancy days; a homemade Sambazon Açaí Bowl made with Brazilian Açaí super fruit berries.

And they're so easy to make too...

How to care for an ageing family member who suffers from incontinence

Our team at HARTMANN Direct are aware of the difficulties of dealing with an ageing family member who suffers from incontinence. There are apparent practical implications when ensuring the comfort of your loved ones. However, maybe more difficult are the emotional consequences for you and for your family member. We cannot underestimate the importance of dignity and respect when dealing with people who are ageing; we cannot just assume that they expect this.

We hope to guide you through possible strategies for coping with all the consequences of incontinence in an ageing family member.


Why are more homes being built with underfloor heating pre-installed?

Most homes nowadays are arriving on the market with underfloor heating pre-installed. Here we explore why there is a trend towards heating from below rather than the standard use of radiators.

Improved technologies
For about the last twenty years there has been a significant advancement in technology. This means that underfloor heating becomes a more rational choice, as the heat is no longer lost into the soil. This means that underfloor heating can now be used to improve the energy efficiency of a house, meeting new building regulations easier than alternative heating systems.


Creating A Dressing Table And Home Office

As a parent to 3 children, and someone who works from home, space can be a bit limited in our house. We have to make good use of the space we have to make sure everything we need is catered for. When I decided I needed and office for my work, it took a lot of manoeuvring around to actually find a corner of space - especially when I already had a dressing table too in the same room and couldn't justify taking up more space.

So it got me to thinking about creating one desk for both. Somewhere I can work when I need to and use as a dressing table on a morning when I'm getting ready or drying my hair. When I showed off my home office last year, I realised that I needed to change it up a bit, to cater for everything I would use the space for, and so here is my updated home office which doubles up as a dressing table...


Rid The Midweek Monotony With Chicken Tonight

I love cooking, it's such a passion. Trying out new recipes, marinades and flavours to see whether they work, and if my kids will eat them. We don't always have time to blast out a brand new meal each day though and usually opt for quick fixes that will get us through, but are still tasty and nutritious.

I like using sauces that not only give meat extra flavour but give different options to have as a meal. And when Chicken Tonight go in touch with me, wanting me to show how you can use their sauces to create some fab midweek meals, I thought now was the best time to show how easy meals can be made, that are varied and quick.


Family photography Experience: The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Looking for the perfect present to give to family or friends this year? A family photography experience could be the unique gift you’re after. 

In the lead up to Christmas, it is often a struggle to think of new gift ideas for family and friends. You want to provide a unique gift; one that is sentimental, and most of all something that they will actually want to keep.

After all, it’s the thought that counts!


Our 2018 Christmas Eve Box

Each year when Christmas arrives, I like to try out a new tradition to see if it'll stick for us, and one we've loved the past few years is having a Christmas Eve Box for the boys. This seems to have grown even more this year with a trend of making a full box, rather than buying a pre-made one, and filling it with super special treats for the day before Christmas.

Presenting young with a box full of treats on December 24th is the latest festive tradition to make its way to the UK from across the Atlantic from the US, with some parents going all out when it comes to personalising their children's boxes and being crafty with homemade wares. 


Cayton Bay | A Parkdean Resorts Holiday

Gifted meals and extras but paid for the stay ourselves

At the beginning of this month, we had booked a holiday to stay in Cayton, on the East Coast. We wanted just a few days away whilst it was the school holidays, just to spend some time together. As a Yorkshire family, there is nothing we love more than exploring our glorious county in search of those little gems that show just how beautiful our little part of the world is.

The North Yorkshire coast provides many locations and with amazing views and so much history, but our favourite place of all is Cayton, and whenever we visit, we always stay at Cayton Bay which is a Parkdean Resorts site.


GANT Designer Kids Clothing For Autumn

We are now well and truly into the colder seasons and so now is the time to start picking out new clothing for children that are warm and much better for the chilly seasons. when GANT got in touch with me, I just knew that I wanted to pick out some of their knitwear and hoodies for the boys, and so I did.

The GANT Knitwear and Hoodies are amazing quality and great designs, to keep kids warm during the cooler months, but with the added GANT style. Their range is large, with lightweight sweaters and thick cable knit jumpers, with a choice of hoodies too.


Going Abroad As A Family Doesn't Have To Be Expensive - How Our Family Of 5 Spent 10 Nights In Spain For Less Than A Grand

I always see the quote 'you get what you pay for' banded around when it comes to booking holidays, and this is so true. Now, if you're wanting a 5* all inclusive, luxury holiday, then this post isn't for you. Of course, we have all dreamed of chartering a private jet from a company like Jettly and jetting off to a luxurious destination at some point. But if you're wanting to know how you can get abroad on only a shoestring budget, then keep reading...

Now, I'm starting this post on the assumption that Passports are already bought and paid for, as no one should be booking holidays without them. But other than that, the flights, transfers and the apartments we stayed in, cost us no more than a grand for 10 nights in April/May.