The White Rose Yorkshire Festive Festival

Nearly 2 week the boys and I were invited to an exclusive event at White Rose Centre in Leeds. I must admit, we haven't been to the White Rose for ages now and I hadn't realised at the time how much it has changed. 

Recently extending to include a cinema, more eateries in The Village on the top floor and has a play area for little ones to use up some of their energy between shopping. We received the itinerary and the boys were a little excited to say the least.  

Not only would we get to visit Santa's Grotto and see the big man himself, but we would also see the brand new Festive Yorkshire Market in The Village and watch the newly released movie, The Grinch at Cineworld.

After agreeing to meet at 5pm, we arrived, luckily on time even in traffic we were stuck in, and the White Rose was fully decorated for the Christmas season. Twinkling lights and present decorations all over, indoors and out, with so much sparkle and the fabulous Grotto in the atrium. 

The boys and I were first in the visit Santa in his Grotto. The very friendly elf came out to talk to the boys beforehand to get their names, ages etc to make the visit oh so special for them and then they got to enter to Grotto for their visit. Santa was sat on his throne with presents galore around him. 

We spent what felt like forever chatting to Santa, talking about what the boys wanted for Christmas and whether they had been behaving enough to be on the 'Good List'. Afterwards we popped out and bought a photo from the stall outside as a memento of our visit.

The Festive Yorkshire Market is located outside in The Village, and that's where we ventured to next. Offering Yorkshire pudding wraps, a sausage hut, Yorkshire cheeses and beers, plus mulled drinks a plenty, we all opted for hot chocolates since it was so cold out. I even got an extra special one with a shot of Bailey's in it. 

We then chose different for the food. All the boys wanted sausages so picked out each one from their hut. I just had to go for a Yorkshire pudding wrap, to see what they were actually like. I large Yorkshire pudding is the base for slices of meat (I chose gammon), vegetables including peas, carrots, cauliflower and more with extras such a pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and stuffing. All drowned in super gravy and wrapped up in the Yorkshire pudding. 

They are amazing - totally stunning, and so filling. I definitely want to be going back to try another sometime soon as they were so nice! We ate our food and then the boys had a play in the play area whilst I finished my drink. 

This new play area is perfect for children to take a break from shopping and enjoy some outdoor play. There's a swing, climbing wall, slides and so much more, and the whole area is a smoke free zone so you know your child can be playing in a safe area. 

We ended our evening in Cineworld which is a part of The Village, getting to see a screening of The Grinch. Packed up with our obligatory popcorn and huge drink, we went to sit down in our seats. The seats at Cineworld are fab too. They have plenty of space between them and in front too so you can stretch your legs. They also recline ever so slightly so you can be as comfortable as possible when watching the movie. 

The Grinch is an absolutely fabulous movie - as funny as the original, and this story is such a feel good Christmas one, which left the boys feeling so ready for Christmas. I'd definitely recommend it as a lovely Christmas movie to watch this year. 

After the movie ended, we went home with our goodie bags filled to the brim with treats. The boys loved their gorgeous Disney baubles, and crackers which they've saved for Christmas. And I have already enjoyed my bottle of wine and am counting down the days till we can get back to the White Rose to spend my gift card - on myself!


  1. I can't believe they have a cinema experience too!! How amazing

  2. This sounds lovely and festive now too!

  3. That looks like such a fun evening out! I would *love* to try a Yorkshire pudding wrap.