Options For Handling Conflict In Your Marriage

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, and there are times you may find yourself in conflict with your spouse. It’s a wise idea to take action and get in front of what’s going on instead of sitting around waiting for your situation to get better.

The good news is you have options for how you can handle continuous clashes and disagreements in your marriage. The last circumstance you want is to be living unhappily and pretending like all is fine when it’s not. Find out what it is you can be doing to take a proactive approach, so you can experience happier days ahead.

Address the Issue with Your Spouse
One option for you handling conflict in your marriage is to go to the source, your spouse, and address what’s occurring face-to-face. Your loved one may have a different viewpoint or not understand where you’re coming from until you make it clear. Be sure to have this serious conversation when you’re both in the present moment and not distracted by external elements. It’s important you both have a chance to talk and share your point of view and that you each listen to what the other person is saying.

Go through Counselling 
You can also deal with conflict in your marriage by hiring a third party such as a counsellor to help you sort through your disagreements. This is a wise choice if you’ve both tried to work it out on your own together without any success. It’s a great opportunity to clear the air and allow an outside person with an objective standpoint to guide you two to getting on the same page and hearing one another out.

Get Support from Friends & Family
It’s never a bad idea to open up to and speak with a close family or friend about what you’re going through in your marriage. Choose someone who you trust to listen and not go around talking about your situation to others. They’ll likely have some useful advice for you to consider, especially if they’ve been in a similar position themselves. It doesn’t mean you have to take their recommendation for how to proceed, but it may be nice to get a new perspective on what’s happening in your marriage.

File for Divorce
If the conflicts are ongoing and it’s too much for you to bear, then you might want to consider filing for divorce. Check out an option such as fixed fee family law packages so you know exactly how much these proceedings are going to cost you should you want to move forward. This is a big decision so make sure you’re prepared for it the best you can and that you’re confident in your choice before taking any action.

The reality is that you’re likely going to experience some level of conflict in your marriage throughout the years. It’s how you choose to handle the circumstances that will eventually determine your fate. These are just a few ways for how you can proactively address what’s going on and hopefully find peace in your life again.


  1. Very helpful, thank you. It's a good idea to see these things as options, and opportunities to make progress, rather than indicators of failure.

  2. Always good to talk to independent people - communication is key