How We've Changed Food In The Travel Industry

There are a few things that go without saying when getting on-board any transport. Obviously, the first thing is that you’ve definitely forgotten something - be it your phone charger, toothbrush, or your socks. And mainly, you'll be the one sat near that annoying kid that likes kicking seats! And lastly, the food is probably going to be awful... or is it?

Travel food, and more specifically airline food, has long held a reputation for being sub-par at best. But I think our modern day era has changed this somewhat, and although you'll definitely not be getting fine dining at 37,000 feet, you will now get something that is actually edible and something that the kids will devour too. 

Railway Food
To be honest, I don't think will ever be up to much. We don't have that much of a long distance to go so hot food isn't really need on-board our trains, and unless you’re travelling in first class, crisps and biscuits and dry sandwiches are about all you can expect from train travel.

And nowadays, there’s no reason to pay so much for a sandwich or packet of crisps on-board the train when better food exists a throwing distance from the train at a lower price, with train stations filled to the brim with all kinds of outlets and eateries. 

Ferry Food
Travel by sea is nowhere near as popular as travelling via air, so that might be why we hear so little in the ways of criticism for sea-based cuisine. Or perhaps it is because space isn’t so much an issue on a ferry as it is on a plane or train — you tend to find a good array of restaurants and food services on a ferry. The quality isn’t so much an issue as the price, with many advocating taking your own food with you in order to avoid the ever-present expense of travel-based food.

Airline Food
Gone are the days of unidentifiable meat float around something that resembles gravy which is poked around the makeshift plate with our disposable cutlery. I mean, in the defence of airline food, the number of meals required in a very small space must be a challenge. The largest independent airline food provider makes 685,000 meals every day, says The Guardian, that a whole lot of food to be prepped and served quickly. 

But now airline food has changed somewhat. We flew only months ago and we had the choice of bacon sandwiches, pizza calzones, and feta and pesto paninis, and that was just a short-haul flight. Okay, it isn't exactly posh grub, but it's much better than the stuff we were served even just 10 years ago. 

The truth has been revealed… airline food isn’t awful. You might just need to pay a but more to go with a better airline to get the perks like more legroom and a better quality of food!

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  1. I agree, I don't think airline food deserves a poor reputation any more, on the whole.