How to help children who suffer from incontinence

It’s common for young children to have a phase of bed wetting or in some cases day wetting when they are on average five years old. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, a child might be a slightly heavier sleeper and might not realise they need to empty their bladder. So they will then wet their bed. Or they might be going through a stressful period or changes in their life such as starting school which has been said to contribute to bed wetting. 

Sometimes, it can be down to the bladder not being fully developed which then means they might not be able to hold the urine in till the morning. Day wetting can often occur when a child tries to hold in their urine. They might be busy playing or too embarrassed to go to the toilet. It does tend to be a phase your child will grow out of by the time they reach 10 years old. 

It’s always worth talking to a doctor in case there is something else happening such as a urine infection or an overactive bladder that might be causing them to become incontinence. There are some ways to help them if it a phase they are going through; here is how to help children who suffer from incontinence.

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Get some underpad protection for their bed
There’s nothing worse for you and your child if you have to do a complete bed change during the night. Your little one will be embarrassed and it can turn into a bucket load of washing for you. In some cases, the urine might stain the mattress too. Therefore, you can help your child by getting them a underpad protection from a company like HARTMANN Direct that will absorb the urine and still allow your little one to get a good night’s rest. 

You can then dispose of the product in the morning and replace it with another one for the next night. That way, your child won’t have to be embarrassed about wetting the bed as they won’t need to come get you in the middle of the night. It will also protect the mattress so that it doesn’t need to be replaced after bed wetting occurs.

Look into incontinence pants or pads
Day wetting can cause a lot of problems for your little one as they become embarrassed if it occurs when at school or outside the home. In fact, they might lose confidence and become a shell of their former self. Therefore, it’s worth looking into some form of incontinence pants or pads that will ensure they still can leave the house without worrying about releasing urine. As described on Incontinence Choice, they are often designed to look like normal underwear for children. 

Therefore, kids will feel a lot more comfortable if they know that the pants are discreet. One of the best things about incontinence pants is that they can be washed and then worn again. They can even be worn during the night if bed wetting is an issue so that they won’t leak in the bed. Disposable pads are an alternate option if the incontinence is more frequent. After all, these can be easily removed and replaced as necessary throughout the day or night. So, they can ensure your child isn’t put in an uncomfortable position.

Try to get them into a routine
It’s important to try to help regulate your child’s urinating habits if you want to stop bed wetting and day wetting. After all, if they get into a habit of regularly going to the toilet when they need to urinate, it will ensure they have an empty bladder and they are less likely at risk of releasing urine in the night or when out in the day. It’s important to ask them regularly if they need to go to the toilet when you are out and about. In fact, if you need to go to the toilet, encourage them to go as well to keep their bladder empty. And don’t let them go to bed without going to the toilet if they have had fluid. 

Ensure they have emptied their bladder before hitting the sheets so that bed wetting is less likely to happen. You can also stop them voluntary holding in their urine as discussed in this feature by medicinenet.com. Try to get them into a routine of going in the morning and afternoon and advise teachers to remind them to get help them to go to the toilet.

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