Christmas Gift Guide for Children 10 and Under

I adore Christmas and have done since I was a child. It's such an important day for children as they are on their best behaviour, waiting for the big man to come a deliver their presents. Opening presents to see what they've got and then spending the rest of the day waiting for parents to build the damn things!

Today I wanted to show what is on offer this year and so this is my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide For children under 10...

Help little Jack-Jack take on the Backyard Invader with this awesome Jack-Jack Attacks toy. You can press Jack-Jack’s tummy to activate light and sound effects, as the little hero uses his powers to take down the raccoon. You can also hold down his tummy to activate ultimate power mode. This includes both Jack-Jack and the raccoon to be really part of the film. 

Say hello to Soggy Doggy’s Friends, Dizzy. This dog is an adorable pup who loves to walk and cuddle. Dizzy makes sounds just like a real dog - he’ll even make cute noises when you cuddle him, and will bark and yap and he’ll even snore when he’s fallen asleep. Dizzy is a very energetic pup so needs plenty of walks to keep him happy - children can simply attach his lead and take him for a walk to watch his wonderful wiggle and have hours of fun playing with him. 

Fartist Club is a gassy gang of farting friends. Pull their fingers for flatulent, stink-free fun: activate 10 different fart sounds or push the 10 second fart delay butt-on and play Hide-and-Fart - perfect for kids who loves those bodily function noises. Children can watch their shenanigans online in their webisode series and can even download the DJ Fart App to create custom toots and tunes.

Complete one giant travel or historical adventure in 48 mazes! Join George and his little dog Milly on a journey through either a real-life sightseeing trip or travelling through time. Maze Quest: Geography takes you to a series of countries featuring fascinating cities, landmarks and habitats. Not only do you have to navigate your way through the individual mazes, but you also need to find the correct route around the world by linking the modes of transport on each maze. Whereas Maze Quest: History takes you through a series of awesome eras and events, such as famous battles, key inventions and magnificent civilisations.

Everyone loves magic, but how about a little scientific magic. You can burst a balloon without touching it or fill it up without blowing. Create a magic dough that can be solid or liquid and use your magic wand to make astounding magic tricks. Create up to 28 experiments. Includes a 36 page educational book so that children can learn how to do these super fun tricks themselves. 

Created by Fingerlings, the Untamed T-Rex Dinos are fierce friends and formidable foes. Tame the interactive dinosaur at your fingertips to discover over 40 different sounds and animations. These finger-gripping creatures are fierce and unpredictable, reacting to touch, sound and motion as you play. Tap his nose or head to hear fierce warning calls, growls and roars, and these Untamed Dinos get really riled up when you shake them. You can also press and hold the back of their heads to trigger their wild side. On the other hand, if you gently pet your T-Rex to tame the beast and transform him into an affectionate friend, who nuzzles, purrs and drifts off to sleep in the palm of your hand.

BFG Bath, Book & Bedtime Gift Set
If any child in your family is a lover of Roald Dahl books, then this gorgeous BFG Bath, Book & Bedtime Gift Set might be the perfect gift for them. Featuring an extra-special limited edition copy of the book which includes big secrets 'that nobody is ever hearing before'. Along side this is luxurious Wispy Misty Bubble Bath and Dream Catcher’s Pillow Spray which both contain the relaxing and calming scent of sweet orange, eucalyptus, bergamot, satsuma, lavender and patchouli.

Teletubbies 7inch Laa Laa Activity Jiggler Plush
Teletubbies are back, and they're better than ever! This pull and retract Laa-Laa Jiggler encourages curiosity and independent play in little ones and it easily fits to car seats, prams and cots. It is made from supersoft towelling plush, multi-textured materials and patterns to encourage tactile awareness and sensory exploration in little ones and has a built-in rattle and teething ring and fun pull and retract jiggler action!

The Crate Creatures Surprise start being fun before they're even out of the box. Use the crowbar to break into the crate to unbox your new beast friend. You can pull his tongue to wake him as his eyes glow, creature vibrates and makes 45+ gross noises. They also have a motion sensor inside so the creature reacts when they're upside down, knocked over, or laying down. Unique creature features gives each character fun actions and you can record your voice and creature will play back your message in monster voice.

IF your child likes the original Crate Creatures, then they'll love the mini version, Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers. They make gross sounds when you pull their tongues, and children can launch them through the air, and bash them into targets. Break into the crate to unbox your Basher and reveal their target. These cranky creatures come ready to fling at the scoreboard, unleashing beastly noises as they hurtle through the air.

The only collectable that lets you build, mix & match your own custom ‘bots, and battle your friends in a robot-brawl inside the Fightanium Arena. You can collect a whole range of bots to build your ultimate brawler and blast your way to becoming champion. The last bot standing gets the glory. These battle packs include 2 mechbots and 4 Pilots Asst, with over 10 layers to unbox and 20 total pieces, so you can customise your mechbots for battles in hundreds of ways!

For all muggles who love the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, this Harry Potter calendar and diary gift box set is the one for them. This gift box set comes complete with a wall calendar, diary and branded pen, all contained within a keepsake box which will appeal to any Potter fan.

Gifts from a charitable organisation are always loved in our household and The Royal Air Forces Association (or RAF Association) is a membership organisation and registered charity that provides welfare support to the RAF family. Whether it’s an injured airman or woman fighting to get back on their feet, a young child missing their parent away on overseas operations, or a World War II veteran needing a shoulder to lean on, they are here to help all generations of RAF personnel and their families. They also support serving families if they need them, giving practical, emotional and financial support.

This stationery case is fab as any military lover will love to receive this beautiful little set, which is packed full of all the stationery a children might need. And the gifter knows that they've done something to help someone else in need too. 

This is Bertie, and he wants to raise awareness for the RAF Association’s befriending service. Befrienders, like him, are ready to offer friendship and support to those who are lonely or isolated. A simple conversation can make a huge difference. 

This season sees the high street arrival of an extended range of bright and beautiful sensory play toys developed with leading preschool sensory class provider Baby Sensory, and their fab “Say Hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy (which recently won a silver award in the Right Start Awards) is right here on my list. The Tummy Time Discovery Toy is great for propping up your little one or pushing along. With a baby safe mirror for visual stimulation and bright colours and characters this toy will keep your little one entertained for hours. 

Bright Basics Busy Barn
The Bright Basics products from Learning Resources will encourage toddlers to learn through familiar nursery rhymes as they encourage little ones to play and grow with this farm-themed activity set. The various switches and buttons positioned around the barn will help to develop fine motor skills with the hands-on activities to encourage early learning.

The Fingerling Monkeys are double the trouble with the Fingerlings BFF Series.With over 40 interactive sound and motion reactions for you to trigger, the Fingerlings are followed everywhere by their mini BFF, who loves to hang onto her tail. You can pet them, rock them and chatter with them to discover your two Baby Monkeys’ personality. The mini will copy the big one and hold onto your finger so both can be carried everywhere. 

We all know the L.O.L Surprise world, I'm sure - and now they ave their own range of pets too. Discover 7 surprises in each L. O. L. Surprise! Pet. As you unbox each layer a new surprise in unveiled. L. O. L. Surprise! Pets includes puppies, kitties, bunnies and hamsters. Feed your L. O. L. Surprise! Pets with the water bottle or bathe them to find out if they cry, spit, tinkle, or colour change.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is wearing big kid undies and she needs to go potty with the help of your very own child. Kids can share important moments with their baby by pretending to help her use the potty. When Baby Alive is thirsty, fill the water bottle with water and give her a drink. Now it's potty time. If they hold baby's hands and she'll do a potty dance. Help her on the potty and she'll sing and go "pee-pee!" Don't worry; the only place she goes is in the potty so there's no mess. 

This set has everything kids need for teatime fun. Pop the wooden teabag into the teapot and imagine brewing up the perfect cuppa. 2 cups and saucers help children to learn about sharing, while the tray, milk jug and sugar bowl add to the role play fun. Children can imagine carrying the tray to customers in a tea shop, or share a pretend cup of tea and a real chat with family and friends - I mean, who doesn't love a little tea party with their little ones. With a cute pattern and rounded design, the tea set is perfect for little hands, and the high quality wood makes this set a beautiful gift, durable enough to withstand years of play.

The Playmobil Wedding Limo is the perfect way to arrive in style to a wedding. The front of the vehicle is decorated with beautiful flowers, whilst the rear of the vehicle trails tin cans. The roof of the limo comes off to reveal a luxury interior. Includes 3 Playmobil figures and accessories such as flowers and a refreshing drink to toast the happy couple.

This cute set enables children to make magical mermaid pictures that glimmer and sparkle. Use the special glue pen on the areas that they want to sparkle, then add glitter to their designs to really make them shine. Comes with 7 different pictures and 4 coloured glitters to really make those designs shine!

The Cottontail Cottage craft & play set offer hours of fun customising the rabbits and their house and creating accessories for them. The two bunnies and a pop-up cottage play house can all be designed in your child's very own way. Open out the house to reveal this two storey house with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and a garden which is all ready to be prettied up. 

This beautiful mermaid lives in her very own lockable oyster shell that fits perfectly into your pocket. Children can keep their mermaid safe and snug in her lockable shell that only opens with a special key. You can make a beautiful charm bracelet on which to hang your key using beads and a lovely. Each one is different depending on the mermaid you get, so you can try to collect them all. 

So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio
The So Glow DIY Studio is easy to use, mess free and provides hours of magical creative fun with just a simple addition of water. It includes everything you need to create and customise your own light-up magic jars, complete with jars, glitter, confetti, stickers and collectable figures so all you need to add is water and imagination. Children can add glitter, confetti and stickers to decorate and personalise your So Glow magic jars.

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