The Different Types Of Swimsuits For Women

Finding the right clothing when you're not body confident is hard enough, but trying to find the right swimwear is near on impossible and can leave most women wanting to cover up instead of showing off their beautiful bodies. As someone who isn't body confident at all, I know just how hard it is to find swimwear that will be protective, stylish and still cover all those lumpy and bumpy parts that some of us don't want to show off though. 

I wrote about how I hate my post-baby body and how it's left me with scars and stretchmarks, not to mention that mum-tum that we all dread. I think it's important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and so, here are a couple of my favourite swimwear types...

I have many swimsuits and love that nowadays you can can get ones that smooth out, and pull in, your figure to give you a nicer shape, and accentuate those parts of your body that you do love. 

On the other hand, wrap swimsuits will show off your waist, a full cup busted one will hold and secure your best assets in place with no chance of escape, and swimdresses are a good option for those of us who prefer to cover the tops of our thighs and for if you're struggling to lose weight.

And nowadays, you can even get longer length swimsuits, boyleg swims too which are basically like a swimsuit with shorts to give a sporty look and feel. 

Like a swimsuit, these cover up all of those parts of your body that might not like, but they come in a 2 piece rather than a one. I personally love tankinis as I can still get a cup support to give support to my breasts whilst being able to decide on what bottoms I want to wear. You can get side tie bottoms, swim-skirt and even shorts and can change up the top of bottoms to create different styles and looks, mix and match style. 

Even though I'm not body confident in myself, when I was abroad I realised that sometimes it's good to be out of your comfort zone and so I wore a bikini. The best bit about wearing a bikini is that they're a lot cooler, give less tan lines, and have so many more styles to choose from to suit your body and figure. 

It's good to look around as there is so much choice out there. Simply Swim offer a huge range of swimsuits, tankinis and two pieces, from amazing brands with all sorts of practical aspects to them, bust support and tummy firming. Now I just need our next holiday to come on by so that I can start wearing mine again!


  1. You look great, and these are great suggestions, thanks! They've all got advantages, that's for sure.

  2. I'm a fan of tankinis too

  3. Anonymous12:29

    I'd like to wear a tankini, but I'm very self conscious about body fat. Lots of non British women don't have these hang ups and just wear what they like, that's the way I wish I was!

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