Stoves NF60208SS Frost Free Fridge Freezer Review

For a while now, the fridge freezer in our home has been the one appliance that has needed changing, but with more important appliances, such as the washing machine, coming first, it's always been last on the list. 

We needed a bigger fridge freezer - one with a bigger fridge for all the fresh food our family of 5 needs, and so we were sent the Stoves Frost Free Fridge Freezer from AO.com to give us much more room to store our goods. 

From the outside, this stainless steel beast of a fridge freezer boasts some new technology. There’s an easy-to-read LED display on the fridge door, so you can see the internal temperature at a glance, and change it higher or lower to suit your preference. This sounds amazing although the stainless steel aspect does mean that I'll be constantly trying to remove every mark from it, all the time!

It is 201cm high so is a very big fridge freezer, with a 60/40 split so the fridge is bigger than the freezer which suits us perfectly as we use a lot more fresh food than we do frozen. This is super quiet too at 40dB(A) and has a 15 hour Power Failure Safe Storage. 

Thanks to its 295 litre capacity, it can hold 16 shopping bags packed full of foods in both the fridge and freezer. This fridge freezer uses Total No Frost technology to circulate cool air inside both cabinets, preventing icy build-ups. This means that we'll never have the chore of manually defrosting it ever again. 

Inside the fridge, there is plenty of storage in the door for milk, pop and sauces - as well as an egg tray enough for 6 eggs. With plenty of shelves and 2 drawers in the fridge, this gives us so much room to store fresh foods for our family. And the bottom salad crisper drawer helps to keep everything organised and in one place.

What's more, with having 3 children, I have regularly suffered the build up of ice, and the ruined foods, when they've accidentally left one of the doors open. No more forgetting now as this fridge freezer will beep an alert to let you know if the door has been open too long.

As you'd imagine, a fridge freezer with a 60/40 split, the freezer is a lot smaller. For us this is fine as we don't use much freezer food. It's our place to store meats, frozen veg and the odd meal that I've prepped in advance. It is still a good size though and the 3 drawers of the freezer give enough space to store everything we need and more.

The fridge freezer even has great quality handles. With them bending and flexing as you open them to give a seamless manoeuvre whilst matching with the modern look of this fridge freezer and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Stoves NF60208SS Frost Free Fridge Freezer. It is stunning on the outside, as much as a fridge freezer can be anyway, and has all the space on the inside without me having to defrost it every few month. 

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  1. What a great size, we could definitely do with one like this


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