Beard Care: Balancing Your Appearance & Parenting

Here’s one for the dads! Caring for yourself properly whilst also being a parent can be tricky. How do you fit beard care into your daily routine?

As a mum of three, I know how busy parent life can be. It’s difficult finding time for yourself when every waking moment is spent taking care of those around you. Without Dad in the picture, I’d be rushed off my feet! However, it’s essential to make time for yourself, and those hardworking dads deserve a bit of TLC too. Beard care can quickly become disregarded, with some men quickly shaving the whole thing off whenever they get a minute away from looking after the kids. However, it’s so important to have a good skincare routine and, for men, a good beard care routine too!

Beard care isn’t just a case of having a quick shave. There are ways to tame and trim a beard to prevent you from looking bedraggled; like parenting is really taking its toll on your appearance! Make sure you’re in agreement with your partner and set out specific times for you to look after yourself. It’s vital!

Set a routine.
Getting into a routine is really important. It’s easy to be out all day with the kids and feeling too tired to do anything when you get home. Or, thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow” when all you really want to you is fall into bed. However, setting a time for your skincare and beard routine daily is a great habit to get into. Give yourself half an hour to perk up on a morning or evening by giving your beard a trim and using a light moisturiser to feel refreshed before or after a busy day.

Beard care products.
It’s important to get the right products in the cupboard when you set your routine. Premium products give a premium feel, so spending a little extra to get the right product is more than worth it. To keep yourself clean and fresh after preening, aftershaves by The English Shaving Company are your best bet. An aftershave is not only there to make you smell good, but the right one will have disinfecting and soothing properties.

Keep it short with premium razors and beard trimmers.
If you’ve got kids, you’ll more than likely want to keep your beard short. Imagine playfighting with your little ones when they grab a big handful of beard and pull. Not ideal! Also, don’t forget that a longer beard will carry a lot more germs if you’re not keeping it clean regularly enough.

Having the right beard care tools at hand make the task of shaving or trimming a lot quicker and more efficient. The finest razors and beard trimmers will ensure you have a better experience and will not only improve the quality of your shave, but it will give you a little enjoyment in it too!

Soften with beard oils and balms.
There’s nothing more terrifying for a kid when dad comes in with the scratchy, beardy kiss goodnight. That stuff hurts! To help your little ones along a bit when spending time with dad, use a beard oil or balm. It works extremely well to smooth and detangle a beard.

However, if you don’t want to splash out on some extra products for your beard, use the same conditioner as you’d use on your hair. Alongside shampoo, it will work just as good for a softer beard. Your child’s sensitive skin will thank you for it!

Stuck for Christmas gifts?
I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to get gifts for men when Christmas comes around each year. A good and practical investment for dad this year could be a selection of beard or skincare products. A big thank you for all the little things he does each and every day!

These gifts are the type that will actually get used instead of being shoved in the back of a cupboard for months on end. A good choice would be a beard care grooming kit or shaving kit. These little packs containing everything you’d need for a good shave or beard trim, as well as moisturisers and aftershaves to take care of your skin afterwards.

As well as beard care and routine setting, make time for fun!
Your routine shouldn’t just be full of discipline and rule setting. Even though this is essential for the upbringing of your children, parenting just wouldn’t be the same without a little fun. How do you make time for your appearance and parenting in equal measure? Share your experience in the comments!

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