A Bag For All Occasions With Mia Tui

I'm not ashamed to say that I do love a good bag. I have spent many an hour searching the web for new bags, to find ones that suit my style and do different colours for all eventualities. Mia Tui is a brand I have loved for ages as they not only offer a huge range of stunning bags, but they practical; with a space for everything. 

Mia Tui bags are made with the highest quality fabrics and they pride themselves on the fact that they do not use any animal based products throughout the whole Mia Tui range, so they're suitable for Vegans too. Although you'd mistake them for leather, Mia Tui bags are produced from a high quality, man-made fabric that is designed to look like leather.

I have used a few Mia Tui bags over the years. When I had babies I swore by the Amelie which was big enough to hold all my baby essentials and more. And then when we were away on holiday, I used the Molly Purse Bag for going out at night to hold my money and phone, and the large butterfly and flower purse to carry my cards and money whilst out and about.

Now though, I'm all about the smaller bags that can be used for different occasions. I use cross-body bags most of all to carry my essentials, but then a backpack whilst going to the gym or to carry my camera.

I have been sent one of the fab new Mia Tui bundles to give me some choice when using my bags. I opted for the Jess bundle offer which gives you a Jess backpack, Lottie across-body bag and a bag charm, saving money by buying it as a bundle rather than separately. 

Jess is the smallest backpack in the Mia Tui range, but gives enough space for all my needs. There is a full zip closure for added security and a zipped pocket on the back, which is accessible to only you - a great place to hide money or valuables. 

Inside the bag, there is an internal zipped pocket, a larger pocket big enough for tablet or iPad, a clip for your keys and phone & pen holders as well as a clear bag too. 

And like the Jess bag, the Lottie is a smaller bag too. A cross-body bag that can fit your essentials, purse, mobile, pens and keys, with a phone / pen pocket and the Mia Tui signature elasticated key clip to keep everything safe.

Lastly is the bag charm. These little bag charms are beautiful to hang off your bag or use as added security on your backpack to fasten both zips together and stop anyone from trying to get access.

It's safe to say that I am in love with my new Mia Tui bags and will be making such great use out of them. Now I don't need such a big bag anymore, it's great to find a range of suitable and stylish smaller bags with all the storage aspects still inside. 

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