5 Ways to Save Money When Running a Household

When it comes to running a household, especially when you have a family, costs can quickly add up.

From multiple bills to entertainment subscriptions, rising food prices to family activities, it can be hard to keep your head above water when you’re running a household. Add in the fact that winter is growing increasingly close, which means higher heating bills, and this time of year sees most of us burying our heads in the sand and praying for those warmer months.

However, there’s no need to panic! We understand how hard it can be to reduce spending, especially when you have a family home to run. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Rix, a leading fuel supplying company who offer low heating oil prices, to give us some top tips on how best to save those all-important pennies. So, if you’re looking to cut down your spending without changing your lifestyle, we’ve got you covered!

1. Unplug your appliances
Many of us keep larger appliances, such as washing machines, TV’s and ovens on standby at all times. Similarly, so many families in the UK leave their mobile phone chargers plugged in and turned on, even if they’re not being used. In a larger household especially, this can make a considerable dent in power usage.

Did you know that you can save almost £100 a year just by turning things off at the switch? (Statistic courtesy of ovoenergy.com)

While, in theory, this may seem simple, when living in a busy household, it’s much easier said than done, especially if you have young children who are easily distracted. Looking for a simple way to get your kids involved? Turn it into a game or make it a part of your routine. Try encouraging them to walk around the house before bed, turning off any switches, lights or unused appliances as standard. Or, if you’re looking for a more straightforward way for everyone to remember, why not invest in some extension leads, or a multi-socket plug? Then, all that needs to be done is to flick one switch after you’re done – simple!

2. Invest in proper insulation
While it might mean splashing some cash initially, kitting your house out with some good-quality insulation is the best way to save money on your utility bills when running a household. As almost a third of the cost of heating your home is lost through your walls, the more external walls you have, the more expensive your house will be to heat, as the more warmth will escape. Similarly, while it will make a difference, we all know temperature rises, so it’s not enough to merely focus your insulating efforts in one place.

Instead, homeowners should look at the bigger picture. From solid wall to loft insulation, external to under-floor, spending some time, energy and money in correctly installing extra layers is a great way to conserve warm air and keep heating bills down in the long run.

3. Replace your light bulbs
Something as simple as changing your light bulbs can have a significant impact on your energy bills but is often something that is ignored by most homeowners. As a whole, UK houses spend around £2.3 billion each year on lighting their homes (Statistic courtesy of ovoenergy.com) and replacing just one bulb with an energy saving one can cut costs by around £35 each year.

With LED light bulbs requiring much less energy to generate the same level of brightness as standard incandescent bulbs, around 90% in fact, and lasting an average of 10+ years depending on usage, they’re the perfect choice for the money-conscious homeowner. Not only that but they’re free of nasty chemicals and reach full brightness straight away – it’s a no-brainer!

4. Invest in a more cost-effective heating system
It’s no secret that we rely heavily on our boilers, especially in the winter months, and so having an old or inefficient one can hugely impact the price of your heating bills. And, with electricity being proven to be one of the most expensive ways to heat a house, how about switching things up altogether and investing in an oil heater for your home?

A cheaper and more efficient choice heating oil, liquid petroleum, is a hugely cost-effective solution. Local supplier, Rix Petroleum, offer the lowest heating oil prices, and you can easily find out how much you can save by heading to their website for a free, instant heating oil quote.

5. Budget, budget, budget!
It’s all too easy to become consumed by what we should be doing, and the things we should be buying, that your household costs tend to increase year by year. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The best way to save money? Spend less! If you sit and consider your spending habits for just a moment, it’s simple to see how you can cut down.

Consider creating a budget to trim the excess. A spreadsheet is an excellent way to go - by inputting your salary, along with your major outgoings, such as bills, mortgage payments or rent, it will be much easier to see where your hidden expenses are. It’s all about looking at what we actually use, where we can afford to cut back, and how we can save our well-deserved pennies.

When running a household, consider these 5 steps!
If we’re really that serious about cutting back and saving money and energy, these steps are easy to follow. Do you have a set routine or any different ways in which you save money when running a household? Let me know in the comments!


  1. We have budgeted for a long time and its crazy how much sutpless we 'should' have over the course of the year. In reality we save very little but its good yo know where cutbacks could be made

  2. Good advice, thank you. I could do with taking a look at which light bulbs I'm using.

  3. Really good point about unplugging things - better for the environment too obviously!