Stoves NF60208SS Frost Free Fridge Freezer Review

For a while now, the fridge freezer in our home has been the one appliance that has needed changing, but with more important appliances, such as the washing machine, coming first, it's always been last on the list. 

We needed a bigger fridge freezer - one with a bigger fridge for all the fresh food our family of 5 needs, and so we were sent the Stoves Frost Free Fridge Freezer from AO.com to give us much more room to store our goods. 


It's Never Too Late To Retrain As A Childminder

When I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to have children. In fact, as well as having my own children, I wanted to work with them too. I could never decide whether I wanted to be a primary school teacher or a childminder. But I knew that it was something I would do one day.

Since then, things have changed and I went into a career of working in the legal industry instead, and now write for this blog, as well as over at At Home With Kayla, talking about our life together. It has always played on my mind though and has still been something that I want to do eventually.

Why Do People Who Suffer From Multiple Sclerosis Suffer From Incontinence?

A lot of people don’t know the problems that occur from having the condition of multiple sclerosis. In fact, the disorder often leaves people confused. They know that it’s a neurological condition which impacts the nerves, but that is where the knowledge ends. In fact, you might not realise but it can affect a lot more than just the nerves. The condition which has around 100,000 sufferers in the UK has a ton of symptoms which makes it difficult to diagnose and very difficult to live with. Some of the less well-known symptoms you might not be aware of include fatigue, problems with speech and tremors. And also one which affects sufferers is incontinence. This can be urge incontinence where their bladder can’t hold urine or they have to go to the toilet more often or it can be stress incontinence where they find that if they cough or laugh they can leak out. In fact, a high proportion of MS sufferers are unable to hold their bladder and leak involuntary. As the MS Trust website reveals, eight out of 10 suffer with urinary incontinence. And sufferers find they have to use continence pads on a daily basis which they get from companies like HARTMANN Direct. That way, they feel less embarrassed when they are out and about. If you are wondering why MS sufferers have to deal with incontinence, here are a few reasons why.


A Bag For All Occasions With Mia Tui

I'm not ashamed to say that I do love a good bag. I have spent many an hour searching the web for new bags, to find ones that suit my style and do different colours for all eventualities. Mia Tui is a brand I have loved for ages as they not only offer a huge range of stunning bags, but they practical; with a space for everything. 

Mia Tui bags are made with the highest quality fabrics and they pride themselves on the fact that they do not use any animal based products throughout the whole Mia Tui range, so they're suitable for Vegans too. Although you'd mistake them for leather, Mia Tui bags are produced from a high quality, man-made fabric that is designed to look like leather.


How Your Nightly Rituals Can Help You De-Stress

By now, most people understand the importance of a morning ritual to get your day on track, but most people don't realise that your day can start a whole lot better, it you end the day before stress free. There are many things in life that cause stress - work, kids, life in general, but it's important to end each day calm so that you can wake the following day with no worries to contend with and enough sleep to be getting on with the day. 

The bathroom seems to be the one place in the house where we can enjoy that little bit of time to ourselves in the bath (if I lock the door to stop the kids from gatecrashing), and so the guys over at Sanctuary Bathrooms sent me a special box of treats to make sure I could enjoy some 'me time', away from the world.


Holiday Packing List: Dress to Impress on Your Next Trip

Your holiday packing list is essential to a smooth sailing holiday!

Your flights are booked, your itinerary is sorted – now all that’s left to do is pack! While we tend to fall into two different camps: those who meticulously plan for weeks, piling up clothes as they go, and those who wait until the night before, throw everything in and hope for the best, packing doesn’t have to be a chore. If the latter sounds like you, then you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with leading Manchester alterations specialist Alterations Boutique to create the ultimate holiday packing list. So, let’s get started!


5 Ways to Save Money When Running a Household

When it comes to running a household, especially when you have a family, costs can quickly add up.

From multiple bills to entertainment subscriptions, rising food prices to family activities, it can be hard to keep your head above water when you’re running a household. Add in the fact that winter is growing increasingly close, which means higher heating bills, and this time of year sees most of us burying our heads in the sand and praying for those warmer months.

Beard Care: Balancing Your Appearance & Parenting

Here’s one for the dads! Caring for yourself properly whilst also being a parent can be tricky. How do you fit beard care into your daily routine?

As a mum of three, I know how busy parent life can be. It’s difficult finding time for yourself when every waking moment is spent taking care of those around you. Without Dad in the picture, I’d be rushed off my feet! However, it’s essential to make time for yourself, and those hardworking dads deserve a bit of TLC too. Beard care can quickly become disregarded, with some men quickly shaving the whole thing off whenever they get a minute away from looking after the kids. However, it’s so important to have a good skincare routine and, for men, a good beard care routine too!


The Different Types Of Swimsuits For Women

Finding the right clothing when you're not body confident is hard enough, but trying to find the right swimwear is near on impossible and can leave most women wanting to cover up instead of showing off their beautiful bodies. As someone who isn't body confident at all, I know just how hard it is to find swimwear that will be protective, stylish and still cover all those lumpy and bumpy parts that some of us don't want to show off though. 

I wrote about how I hate my post-baby body and how it's left me with scars and stretchmarks, not to mention that mum-tum that we all dread. I think it's important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and so, here are a couple of my favourite swimwear types...


Setting The Right Temperature For Your Home

Having a home that is the right temperature for the time of year is paramount to make yourself and your family comfortable. You don't want to be too hot in summer or piling on the jumpers in winter so it's best to find a suitable heat so you don't have to faff around in the long run. 

The ideal room temperature is usually around 18°C but I think most people do prefer it a little warmer than this, especially in winter. And then your main room is usually warmer than the rest. I mean, you don't really need to heat up your kitchen when it'll be getting warmth from the oven whilst cooking. 


Three tips to help you cook the perfect bistro steak frites

Whether it reminds you of holidaying around Belgium or Paris or you want to try to make your favourite steakhouse dish at home, cooking up the perfect steak frites is easy – when you know how to do it. It’s one of my go-to recipes for a quick but timeless dish and it’s one that both kids and adults love. Once you’ve done the prep, the entire meal takes no time to cook up, so you can enjoy your evening. Another reason I love it is that there’s very little washing up to do afterwards!