Why Do We Get Wildfires In The UK?

Starting on 24 June this year, and continuing throughout summer, a record-breaking series of wildfires burned across the United Kingdom. The two fire which were the largest, which were both declared major incidents, burned over 7 square miles each and broke out on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester and Winter Hill in Lancashire.

Most of the wildfires occurred during the first official heatwave in the UK, with temperatures reaching over 30°C for several days, making the hottest June in the country since 1995. Weather is becoming a lot more inconsistent, and due to global warming, this means that hotter weather is to be expected as the years pass.

This means that each year, there's a higher chance that more wild fires will occur, and more devastation will be in our midst. 

But is global warming just to blame for wild fires? Did you know that over 90% of wildfires in the US are caused by human. Whether arson, or accidental, we have to consider that us, as a species, are to blame for wildfires most of the time. 

In fact, some of the biggest of the wildfires we've seen hit us this year, have actually been caused by arson, and not global warming. With many fire brigades coming in to help, and distinguish the flames

Many people own oak furniture yet forget the origin of the product and with that in mind, the current wildfires are causing issues that in turn have an impact on the furniture pieces as well as the environment...


  1. Too close to home this year ! Will take decades to restore the natural flora

  2. It's such a shame when these fires happens