What Does Your Charm Bracelet Mean To You #YourCharmStory

Charm bracelets are beautiful and can be a delightful gift that can last a lifetime. You can start out small with one charm, then expanding with new pieces of jewellery to mark special occasions - like a collection of all your best life memories which can be collect and worn on your wrist.

For centuries custom silver charm bracelets have been popular with women from a wide range of cultures, age groups and social classes – with treasured pieces of jewellery frequently being passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter, down the family. They can be of great sentimental value, and there are even fashionable brands these days that are perfect to start out with too.

A charm bracelet can be as small and dinky and you want, or large and filled with every last charm and memory you want - from loved ones to spiritual meanings. It can be a yearly gift from a friend, or something you buy yourself to fill it up. I much prefer sentimental charms. Children's initials, my zodiac sign, and the things that matter to me. 

For me, my charm bracelet started all about me. With my own initial, as a gift from my husband. It's a rose gold bracelet but has silver charms, as I love the difference in colour. I'm not into fashionable charms, and instead opt for ones that stand out to me - ones that are different and aren't the norm. 

Although I don't currently have one, my sought after charm is a 'tree of life' one. To me, it's like a family. The roots grow as the family grows, making the family bigger and stronger. That's why I want the charm, to represent my family and how we're growing together. 

I've never really thought about how my charm bracelet represents me though. Charm bracelet specialist, Kigu of London, have released their #YourCharmStory infographic all about what your charm bracelet says about you. Check it our below...


  1. I've never owned a charm bracelet- always admire my neices - maybe someone will buy me one for Christmas

  2. My daughter has just inherited her great grandmothers charm bracelet. Its absolutely packed with charms collected over many years. Im keeping it safe until my daughters first confession next year and will give it to her to wear on the day along with her great great grandmothers rosary. It will be treasured

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