Using An Interior Designer To Create a Bespoke Room

So, you have stripped your office bare, you have your colourway in mind and know what type of theme you want. Now what do you do?

Sometimes, designing a whole room from scratch on your own can be daunting, and hard to do. Choosing the right decor to match the accessories without making it look too much. Being design led whilst still family friendly. Sometimes, it's best to get the professionals in, and consider hiring an interior designer to make the room perfect. 

An interior designed will not only come in and show you how to maximise your space for your environment, but will show you the best colours to mix together, the best shapes to use and attention to detail that most of us wont even realise needs looking at. Creating a whole design around practicalities for you and style for your home. 

Finding a good interior designer can be hard though so it's sometimes best to look around as it's not always the most expensive who is best. Word of mouth is usually a good place to start. Someone who has worked with your family or a friend previously and has a good track record of knowing exactly how to create a room for you. 

Once you have a good grasp on the design you want, I think it best to create a mood board - this will not only show your taste, but will give the interior designer a clue as to what you want. I like to start out with one item, like Sloane and Sons Tub Chairs and then stick on colours, wallpapers, fabrics, patterns, anything to give them as much detail as possible as to what you want. You can even take photos of items you see out and about, or on Google and add them in too. 

Take measurements to shows your designer all the available space. Anything that can effect the room should be measured - doors, windows and any large furniture that you'll be keeping once your room is designed. It's even best if you show what you'd love to keep so that the designer can keep that in mind.

But most importantly, you have to pick someone who knows what you wants and gets what you're thinking. Pick an interior designer based on their previous designs and that work you've seen them do, as that's the best way to see how they work. 

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  1. Good advice, thank you. I've never consulted an interior designer, but I'm sure they could really help get the best possible look.