Three Quick And Easy Tips For A Tidier Bedroom

Whilst a tidy home is something we all strive for, a lack of space and too much clutter can often be blockers to achieving this common goal.

House extensions, room conversions and moving home are often extremely effective ways of maximising and increasing your available space. One thing these solutions aren’t however, is cheap or affordable. Is it really necessary to move house or invest thousands of pounds to renovate or extend your home in order to increase your storage space? Not everyone has the spare capital to simply up sticks and move home, and lot of people simply don’t feel the desire to.

This got us thinking, and after scouring the web for quick space-savings tips, nifty do-it-yourself advice and expert insider knowledge, we found that there is actually a lot that can be done around the house to increase space in your bedroom for extra storage. The best bit? All of the ideas and tips we have gathered together are quick, easy and a lot more affordable than knocking the bedroom walls down to build an extension!

Banish old books beneath your bed
If you’re an avid reader, and especially if the idea of digitising your collection via e-books never appealed to you, then you’ll no doubt by now have amassed a rather large collection of books. Part sentimental attachment to the novels you have long lost yourself in, and part possible hoarder mentality, no one can really blame you for not wanting to part with your favourite horror, fantasy or adventure books – but do they have to be part of the (clutter) problem? Absolutely not.

Our solution and top tip? Place those pesky paperbacks beneath your bed for a clear head and an even clearer room. By banishing books from being out on display, strewn across bedside tables and even laid out across the floor, you’ll have plenty of extra room to enjoy some breathing space in your bedroom.

So what do you need? Under-bed storage can be implemented in a number of ways, the easiest move being to make sure you buy a bed with built-in drawers – out of sight, out of mind, and no extra storage units are necessary.

Use the (wardrobe) elephant in the room to cut down on clutter
It’s there, it’s big enough to store away a sizeable amount of clutter, so why is no one talking about it? Don’t know what we’re talking about? It’s the elephant in the room, it’s your wardrobe of course!

If you have a large, or fitted wardrobe, why not install an interior storage system? Sliding wardrobe interiors come in all shapes and sizes, and can feature extended hanger systems, shelving or compartments to store everything from shoes to books. The best thing about wardrobe storage, is that, just like under-the-bed storage, it’s very much tucked away and becomes part of your bedroom furniture setup.

Behind the door, there’s a world of opportunity
Perhaps our first two tips aren’t news for you. If you’ve already maxed out your wardrobe space, and the underside of your bed has long been home to your belongings, then fear not, we have one more tip that is sure to give even the most space-savvy hoarders that little extra margin of room.

The next time you walk into your bedroom, and shut the door behind you, turn around and look at it. The back of your bedroom door has the potential to become a pretty useful storage unit for hanging items. You can latch anything from a simple spice rack, all the way to a fully-fledged, multi-faceted storage system to the back of your door for your odds and ends, there are loads of different ways to organise your belongings on the back of your door.


  1. These are some great tips! My bedroom is always a complete mess. Although I do have one of those beds that lifts up with storage inside so I store all of my books in my bed

  2. Great ideas, thank you. Under-bed storage is so useful.

  3. i use underbed storage - great

  4. Our rooms are so tiny there is not space for a chest of drawers and a bed, somyour ideas really help!

  5. Great advice - I urgently need to declutter!