Inexpensive Bathroom Redesign Ideas

With our recent home renovation projects this year, we have ended up with 2 bathrooms to remodel, fit-out and decorate, all on a shoestring budget. Our focus was initially the main family bathroom, which the bulk of our budget will go on, but both will need doing and we've been designing them both similar to keep in sync with the rest of our home decor.

Now we've eventually bought everything for our remodel, here are a few inexpensive ideas for remodelling your bathroom...

Decide The Style 
Choosing your bathroom design can be hard work as there are so many ways you can change it up. The main decision is whether you want a traditional or modern bathroom. I much prefer modern designs, with their push button flush, sleek designs and more rounded aesthetics. Modern suites seem to be better for bathrooms that are smaller so make for the best space saving designs. Also, if you only ever shower, then maybe think about just having a shower suite put in, to save space, and money. 

Shop Online For Deals
I spent a whole lot of time searching for the best of everything for our budget. I then search cashback sites to see which sites offer the best deals and try to buy the bulk of my items from them. With places like Milford Building Supplies, who are local to us, you can find all of the big bulky items you'll require when doing the bathroom, the whole suite in fact, as well as all the accessories to finish off your plumbing. Plus you can then read online reviews to see which products are best for your renovation project.

Freshen Caulk and Grout
Can afford to re-tile the bathroom? Then maybe think about refreshing old grout that is worn or cracked to give your bathroom a polished look without the expense of new tiles. New caulk can brighten up the white and new silicone around the bath can give clean lines to make it look like you've fitted a whole new bathroom. 

Limit Your Tiles
Tile can get expensive, especially when you hire a tiler to fit out the whole bathroom out for you. To save money you can limit the amount of tiles you have in the bathroom and focus on high-use areas like the floor and then above the bath and sink instead of all the walls. The rest can be painted a coordinating colour. You could even dot about some decorative tiles rather than use them everywhere to give an accent design which would actually make them stand out more. 

Decorate your bathroom with tasteful finishing touches to bring the room together without spending a fortune on expensive tiles and flooring. A new shower curtain, mirror and even taps can make your bathroom look new, without the expense of replacing everything. Accessories are an important element of a room and often draw a lot of attention, so I always pick bath mats, Egyptian cotton towels and a laundry basket that fit in with my colour scheme and design, to make it look more expensive and professionally designed. 

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