How To Use Pillows To Create A Focal Point In Your Bedroom

Every room needs a focal point - that’s a basic design principle to give your eye somewhere to land. A focal point draws you into a room and shows off its style. If you’ve got an empty canvas to start from then it's easier, but how do you create a focal point in your space, especially in the bedroom? Here are my tips...

Use Cushions and Pillows
This is the easiest way to create a focal point without having to change up the whole room. New fabrics, from cushions and bedding to the curtains. I find that if you go plain with your room design, you can then throw in some beautifully designed pillows to give your room that focal point without spending a fortune. 

We have a whole range of cushions from JYSK that are dotted around my office and which I thought gave the perfect focal point in there. The best thing about pillows, is that you can change up the design, using different textures and accent colours to make them coordinate together. Not every one has to be the same, as long as they feature one same characteristic.

As they'll be used a lot, unless pillow protectors are being used, pillows inside can potentially be host to pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs, saliva, oil and perspiration, even if the covers are being washed weekly. And you should use pillow protectors especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies as these can alleviate the amount of dust particles, allowing a better nights sleep. I found that the pillow protectors in Yorkshire linen collection gave the inners that protection they need to make sure they'll be in pristine condition. 

Use Bold Colours
Of course, if you have a small space then using a bold colour can bring in that drama and interest you’ll need, so this is perfect for in the bedroom. Some bedding and curtains in a matching colour, of even just the accessories and pillows to really make the room pop. 

Create a Focal Wall
Wallpaper has ever been something we've used to give our room the colour and design it needs. But you don't have to do it everywhere to get that design across. If you have a large bedroom with one main wall, just wallpapering that wall with a highly designed paper can give you that focal point.

At the moment, metallic wallpaper is so hot. The one we picked for our bedroom is a dusky pink with a rose gold geometric pattern throughout. This is only on the main wall and means that whenever you walk into that room, your eyes flow straight to it. Match this to coordinating pillows to really make the room flow.

Play With Shapes
An unusual shape on a furniture piece can be a good choice because it’s surprising and will draw the eye straight to that design. Consider an headboard with an unusual curve, a side-table with a super modern silhouette, or even oddly shaped pillows and cushions. Bring in something unusual, and let that one thing be the star in your room to stand out. 

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