Extreme Adventure Sports In The UK For Fearless Families

Sometimes it's easy to get tired of the same old family routine. Doing every sports, and visiting the same places can get a little mundane. We've been looking for something different to do with our family - something that will get us all active and enjoying quality time together.

We've considered getting our family involved with an extreme sport for a while but most of these hobbies are done abroad, places with different climates and have an expense to get to them. But these days it's easier to find extreme sports here in the UK, and so we've been looking into which are best for us and have found a few options as well as a few fun things to do in Manchester, which is great as it isn't far away from us.

Skiing is something that you only used to be able to do in cold countries, ones that and the climate to have snow at all times, and be able to teach children to ski in those conditions. Nowadays, there are indoor venues which replicate the ski environment, and they even have instructors on site to help little ones get their balance before we decide to go anywhere abroad. 

As it is a whole building basically filled with snow, you still get that cold air, so it's best to wrap up warm. We've been looking at boys ski jackets so that they're protected whilst on the slopes, and they have them in case any are naturals and we decide to fly off the France for the real thing. 

Rock climbing
From moving up indoor climbing walls to scaling cliff faces outdoors, rock climbing is an adrenaline-pumping activity that is excellent for getting kids fully engaged in sport. Today, you can climb all over the UK, both at indoor venues and on outdoor walls - although it's best to start the kids indoors.

Boys ski jacket, waterproof pants and beanie are a must in cold weather sports

The benefits of rock climbing are that it builds upper and lower body strength and encourages concentration as kids find ways to problem solve as they climb around uncertain walls to reach the summit. The Association of British Climbing Walls is a good place to start if you’re looking for a climbing wall in your area and Simply Hike will have all your needs for when you venture outdoors. 

Rafting is a top extreme sport for families although I think this one will have to wait until the littlest is slightly older and more stable. It is a great way to explore British waterways and countryside though so it’s no surprise that families opt for rafting experiences to enjoy quality time together.

With destinations like the River Tummel in Scotland, Tryweryn River in Wales and River Derwent in England so there's no need to pay for flights abroad with this extreme sport as they're all here in the UK. But obviously when it comes to rafting as a family there are some risks involved so it's always good to make sure you've checked out the right information first to make sure your raft is as safe as possible.

We have a few options to decide from, but the boys have their hearts set on something cold, so skiing is going to be at the top of our list. Getting involved with an extreme sport is the perfect way for us to bond as a family and will help the boys become healthier and closer...

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  1. Skiing is something I used to love - we've been to our local indoor ski place lots - maybe it's time for the real McCoy