Car Maintenance - Keeping Your Car In Tip Top Condition #TyreKnowledge

The summer holidays have just finished which means we've finally got some time to ourselves to get the everyday things done, without those pesky kids round our ankles! With this in mind, it's important to make sure that your car is road worthy now you've got a chance to spare some time. 

It's so important to check your car to make sure your car is safe from breaking down, and to prevent any accidents. When it comes to car maintenance, checking regularly is key - by fixing any niggles, you will be preventing any potential problems in the future which could end up being a costly business.

Here is a handy car maintenance checklist to keep it in tip-top working order:

Don't forget a service and MOT
Getting your car serviced regularly helps to maintain your car. An MOT is done yearly and is a legal requirement for cars older than 3 years old, whereas a service is something you can do as and when, to keep your car in perfect condition.

Check your oil
This should be done quite often as it's so simple to do. You can measure your cars oil by using a dipstick on older models and by electric measure on newer cars. By checking regularly you will be preventing any issues with your engine in the long run.

Check your tyres
Make sure you check the tyres pressure and your tread depth regularly. The pressure of your tyres can impact on your fuel economy, as well as leading to poor performance from your car and an increased risk of your safety if not inflated correctly. As for the tread depth of your tyres, the law requires a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and if you don't have this, you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger and risk getting points on your licence. TyrePlus, have released their #TyreKnowledge e-book which explores tyre safety and some information on what checks you should do on your car before making any big journeys or road trips with the family. Check it out below...

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