4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom

This month is looking to be a busy one for us. After saving for what feels like forever, we finally have everything we need to renovate our bathroom. It's taken a long time, as designing a whole new bathroom comes with its own issues, and it's going to take even longer as we need to pull out all the old suite, tiles and furniture, ready for a brand new room being fitted.

I was thinking about how hard it has been to sort through the design of our bathroom, and thought I'd write about my 4 tips for choosing the perfect bathroom. 

Pick The Right Tiles
Choosing the perfect bathroom tiles can be a daunting task. With hundreds of different styles in nearly every colour, finish, size and style, it's easy to see why so many people struggle to choose. Getting the right size should be the biggest factor. You want to choose tiles that are in keeping with the size of the bathroom. Balancing different tile types and colours is also important as having a whole bathroom in plain white could be a little boring. Neutral colours for the floor does work though and ones with a little texture will give a whole new feel to the room. Get fancy design ideas to revamp your bathroom from Harrogate Showroom to help with the whole process of picking out new tiles, and helping you choose the right ones. 

What suite fits best?
Choosing the perfect bath and suite combination is the first step on the road to a stylish and sophisticated bathroom. Making sure your toilet and basin match is a good starting point, then it's a case of choosing a bath that will fit in your bathroom and look good with the rest of the suite. I much prefer contemporary designed bathrooms which look minimal in design, but you've of course got to take into consideration the size of your bathroom. A freestanding bath needs a lot more space than a straight bath. 

What is your colour scheme?
One thing you may not have considered when choosing your suite and bath is your colour scheme. Aside from the usual white, you can now be a little more daring and choose a coloured bath. This can be complemented by adding coloured elements to your suite or even in the accessories in the room, to bring it all together. Our new bathroom will be white and grey. So the floor tiles and grey marbled, the walls will be white tiles, with a hotel style border of grey tiles. So the colour of the floor is mirrored into the border colour on the walls.

Finish with matching accessories
A room isn't complete until it's accessorised, and that's the same with the bathroom. If you've picked your tile colour, your design, and your suite, then now is the time to pick out matching accessories to finish off the room. We've gone for all white with a touch of silver for ours. Toilet seats, mirrors, cupboards and storage racks can all come in different sizes, colours and textures, so it's best to pick out the right ones for your room, to make it match up. We've also gone for grey towels just to finish off the room fully. 

As long as you are designing the room to be functional, and practical for your needs, then you'll create the perfect bathroom for you...


  1. We chose white paint for our walls and white and wooden cupboards but I'm liking the silver n grey. Looks really nice

  2. A new bathroom is on my list of things to replace, its a long list!

  3. We have a tiny bathroom! Have used tile paint to spruce it up - can't wait for a total refurb