3 Ways We're Fixing Up Our House To Add Value

When planning updates to your home, it is always worth considering how that work will add value to the property in the long run. Okay, we're not planning on selling our home anytime soon, but this is essential if you are planning to work your way up the property ladder, as it will ensure the best return when you come to sell and move on to pastures new.

It’s not just cosmetic enhancements that can add value, basic structural repairs can make a big difference too. This year we're focusing on 3 parts of our home, fixing and redoing aspects to not only give us a better home to live in, but will add value if we ever did come to sell in the future. 

New Windows and Doors
Double-glazed PVCu windows can add considerable value to a property and will be considered essential by most buyers. They require very little maintenance, are energy efficient and are very secure with lockable 5-lever-lock windows. 

New windows and doors can be expensive though, so once we found the perfect company for us, we started getting our windows done one, or a couple at a time. So far, one whole side of the house has been replaced, now it's just the other side - the more expensive side. This will include replacing an old patio door that doesn't work anymore (unless you like the door falling out that is!). 

Renovate The Bathroom
This aspect has been on the agenda for a while now. The bathroom we currently have fitted is such a mess, falling to bits in parts, and so we've slowly been gathering everything ready for it to be fitted. The last few weeks it has felt like we've lived in a building site, with dust and mess from removing tiles and everything new is just piled everywhere ready to be fitted. 

Next week will signal the start of everything being fitted in. It'll take a while as the whole room is being tiled, from the floor, to the walls, and then a new suit is going in before finishing it off with accessories. Having an updated bathroom will help to raise the value of our home as it means that prospective buyers wont have to factor in replacing it. 

Redesign The Garden
I don't necessarily think that garden will raise the value loads, but it's something that needs doing and will sway that niche market of people who want a landscaped garden. Finding a garden service who can do it all for us will make is stress free for us and will mean that they can design the whole garden with their expertise.

Old turn will need to come up, as will the concrete slabs and gravel. It'll then be a huge open space, ready for us to design a new space for us. A patio area so we can sit out in the summer months, and a grassed area for the kids to play on. I want flowered edging round the sides to make the garden insect friendly, and a large fence to give us privacy. Privacy is vital and improving the feeling of seclusion will add value. 

Doing these 3 things to our house will not only add value to our home for if we want to sell in the future, but will also make it the perfect home for us to live in for the moment, which is what matters to us.


  1. There really are some great ideas and I hope your plans all pay off! There are so many things I would love to do to our home, but money always comes into play! We had new windows about 6 years ago, and they are still looking like brand new and efficient but we could really do with a new front door!