3 Hacks For Keeping Your Home Clean

Your home is your sanctuary, and as such, you deserve to enjoy a clean and tidy space, where you can relax and unwind after a long day. However, how do you ensure your home is kept spotlessly clean, especially if you have children? There are a variety of hacks which can help you on your quest to a clean and tidy home, and below are three to make a note of today.

Replace Carpets with Wood Flooring
While carpets may be soothing and cosy, in heavy footfall areas, including the kitchen and the hallway, they all-too-quickly become dirty and worn. Bathrooms, in particular, are one room you don’t want carpet, especially with the overexposure of water. Therefore, replacing your carpet with stylish, durable wooden flooring can be a great addition to your rooms. By choosing engineered wood flooring, such as Kahrs wood flooring, you will be installing eco-friendly, premium flooring, which is both easy on the feet and on the eye.

However, keeping your wood floors clean is also key if you replace your carpets. It is relatively easy to clean your wood floor, especially if it’s placed in high footfall areas, such as the kitchen. Firstly, you need to vacuum to get rid of any dirt and debris, and then mop the floor with a small amount of water.

Invest in Your Cleaning Equipment
Of course, to ensure you have a spotless, clean home, you need to invest in the equipment you use! While we are not talking about industrial size vacuum cleaners, spending a little bit more on the everyday essentials, including your mop, vacuum cleaner and microfibre cloths can make a big difference. By choosing to invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can tackle hard to reach areas of your home, without worrying about any family members or pets tripping over the wire. A cordless vacuum cleaner also allows you to clean your stairs easily and quickly. Microfibre cloths, on the other hand, will allow you to dust and clean the surfaces of your home with no fuss. If you dampen them slightly, they work to pick up the dust effectively, and you can also use them to remove pet hair from clothes and furnishings.

Embrace Natural Cleaning Solutions
While the regular cleaning solutions are tried-and-tested and you know what you’re getting, creating your own natural cleaning products is a fun DIY project, and you will be creating eco-friendly products, which are ideal if you have children or pets. It sounds like a time-consuming task, but it is relatively simple once you have the ingredients and the methods. For example, by using lemon oil and warm water, you can create your very own furniture polish to have your rooms spotless in no time. Making your very own multi-purpose cleaner is also quick and easy with the right ingredients. By mixing vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and

water, and decanting the solution into a spray bottle, you have a wonderful homemade product to use in every room, from your bathroom to your kitchen.

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  1. I do love a cleaning hack! we always have white vinegar and microfibre cloths at the ready for most jobs.