Taking Inside Space Outside With A Garden Office

When you have a large family, trying to work out spacial arrangements in the house can be a pain. We have three bedrooms and a lot of storage space but even this doesn't give us enough space to house everything for our family of 5. 

We currently have to move ourselves around to fit everything in. The boys all share the largest bedroom as it means that they can all play together in one room, we have a bedroom and the spare one is currently just a dumping ground for a bit of everything. The games room, the storage area and the office. But we've decided that this year, we'll make use of the land at the side of our house and make a garden office.

It's actually fairly easy to do and will give us a whole new room to make use of. We've just been looking at insulated garden offices for sale, thread a cable from our house so that it can have power and then dress it up to be a new office space. 

Not only will this give us a whole space to have a separate office, but it will give me that much needed space to get some work done whilst not having the boys shouting at the PS4 besides me. A room where I can write posts, and the husband can respond to work emails and the boys can even do their homework in peace too. 

I have so many ideas running around my head currently, designing it in my head so that I can be prepared once we have it up and ready. I want to bring the outdoors in and make sure that because it'll be taking up some space in our garden, that it still has a garden theme to it. 

So some nice potted plants around, plain walls with some fun quotes about and my desk as centre stage with all my blog items and arms length ready to get to work. I'm maybe thinking about even a small deck at the front so that I can sit out in the sun with my laptop if the weather is nice.

At the moment, it's just an idea but one that we're really giving some thought to as it'll separate the rooms that we already have, give us an extra room and even add value to our house in the long run too. Do you have a garden office? Do you have any tips to making it the perfect space saving room that we desperately need?

*Collaborative Post


  1. Sounds a wonderful idea - id be interested to see what others have to say too

  2. something i will be looking into in a few years time

  3. I wish we had a garden big enough! Lovely idea!