Perfect Birthday Gift ideas for Mom

Mother is a special gift for everyone. Mother is always there to protect us, teach us, pamper us and she spends her entire life looking after us and taking care of us. So, for such busy mother, you will have to make sure that her birthday is special. Maybe, till today, it was your mother who has planned all the birthdays in the house. On her birthday this year, it is time for you to do something like that for her and treat her. So, if you are looking for some birthday gifts for your mom, then here are a few suggestions for you. You should try them and your mother will love them for sure.

Shopping gift card
If you are not sure about what to gift your mom on her birthday, then you can try shopping gift cards. You can buy a gift card of any amount of your choice and gift it to her. Now, she will be able to shop something of her choice. This is going to be a great choice as you are giving her a chance to choose whatever she likes.

Foot massage machine
Mothers spend most of the time standing, like she stands while cooking, while serving you food, while cleaning the house and while doing many other things. They must be having severe foot pain and she may need a nice foot massage. But who is going to do that for her. Everyone is busy in their own life. In fact, most of the mothers do not ask for it. So, getting a foot massage machine will be really helpful for her.

Anti ageing products
Women are more scared about getting old and they do not want to show that they are getting old. Anti ageing product combo packs will be available in the market from different brands. You can gift her something that really works wonders on her skin.

Yoga or gym subscription
For the mother who always take care of you and your health, don’t you think that she also needs to take care of her health? Yoga class subscription or gym membership can be a good choice for the mother. You can plan the class in some free time for your mother like evenings. You can even leave the choice to your mother about selecting the class timings. They may say no when you ask them to join such subscription, but once you buy it for them, they will definitely go for it.

Some precious jewellery
Jewellery is loved by women of all ages and this can be great birthday gift idea for Mom. Try to bring some jewellery of her choice or something that she wanted for a long time. If you cannot go for some precious metals, you can even try the fashion jewellery that is available in the market these days. They are more stylish and available in so many different models and designs. If you search online, you will be able to find a number of designs at a very affordable price.

Sponsor a trip
On her birthday, why don’t you give her leave from all her responsibilities for a week. You can plan a nice trip to a nice place of her choice or to your hometown. You can add your dad to the trip. They will get to spend some time with each other, just the two of them.

This kind of relaxation is very important for a person who always works for you. In fact, your father also works for the whole day and maybe he also hardly gets time to spend with your mother. Plan a trip for just the two of them.

So, this is a very simple list of birthday gift ideas for mom, but they can surprise your mother. Try them!!!


  1. Great ideas - jewellery and pamper treats always go down well

  2. Some lovely ideas! My mum might like the foot massage machine!