Mum Style On The School Run With JD Sports

As a mum to 3 children, I don't have a lot of time to spare on a morning to think about my own outfit for the school run. On the school run I see a lot of people with their hair done, make up on and a nice outfit and wonder how they have the time to get ready, as I don't 

For me, it's usually a case of just grabbing the first thing out of the wardrobe and hoping it matches with leggings - My go to outfit is usually a pair of leggings, a crop top and a nice pair of trainers but I try not to look like the tired 30 year old mum of 3 that I am whilst on the school run and always want to make more of an effort to dress better.

But it's hard when you do like 3 million school runs a day with a half day nursery included, and you just want something comfortable to wear. It's hard to find clothing that fits for all occasions, is comfortable and looks good. 

This month has seen me collaborating with JD Sports who my husband shops with a lot but, for me, I've never really looked at their women's clothing all too much - just assuming that it's fitness and sports wear without realising that these can be one and the same with style for the school run too. 

JD Sports offer me a range of clothing from my favourite brands that allow me to look effortlessly cool and gives me a youthful look but in comfort. I want to be able to pull out something from my wardrobe and instantly look like I've styled my outfit. I love the fact that their brands have been inspired by sports so give me all that support and coverage, but they've also been designed for life and look stylish and fashionable with no effort put into it from me at all. 

My favourite outfit is now this Adidas Originals 3-Stripes Full Zip Hoodie which I have paired with the Adidas Originals 3-Stripes Leggings in the same grey colour. The leggings are built from stretch cotton for a flattering fit and next-level comfort and  feature full-length legs and an elasticated waistband. The hoodie gives me the option to layer up in style as it has a full zip fastening for customisable coverage which means I can wear an Adidas Originals Washed Bra underneath and it looks just like I've a coordinating top to my outfit. 

When it comes to footwear for an outfit like this, I would always opt for a trainer shoe. Nike are my go to brand for trainers as I find them better with a wide foot bed. The dusky pink colour of these Nike Flex TR Essential women's trainers are just my style. Made using breathable mesh, these lightweight training shoes are equipped with a lightweight foam midsole, which doubles as an outsole for the ultimate in lightweight cushioning.

But since it's currently the Summer, and this hot weather doesn't seem like it's going to budge anytime soon, I also picked out a cropped outfit to wear on the school run in the warm weather and still look like I've picked out the perfect outfit for the weather. 

The pink Nike Swoosh cropped t-shirt is made from soft material and covers the tops of my arms without feeling tight. It's a beautiful colour and pairs beautifully with these Adidas 3-Stripes Capris Leggings which are are built from a stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric which works to keep you cool and dry, while an elasticated waistband adds custom comfort. 

And a Summer outfit needs some nice shoes, enter these PUMA Popcat Slides. They say that they're beige in colour but I think it's more of a pinkish colour and not only do they look great with my cropped outfit, but they work with my first outfit too. What I love about these is that the strap is padded so is comfortable to wear all day long, not just on the school run. 

But then again, style doesn't always need to be about grey and black and matching colours with them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - or that’s what they say anyway! I’m a firm believer that you should wear whatever you want without a thought for what others think. I love bright. I love bold. And I love floral. I adore anything with a nice pattern and these Adidas Originals floral leggings bring a beautiful design with the usual Adidas support.

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  1. Loving your style - simple comfy and perfect for the morning rush !

  2. Nice items, my husband is always in JD

  3. Tracy B18:24

    Love it! Especially the bottoms in the last photo. Very pretty!

  4. Great gear suits you nicely too

  5. I love tracksuits - so cosy!