Having a Mum And Daughter Glam Day

My mum is amazing! - over the years, not only has she brought up her 3 children amazingly, but also her 2 step children who are from my dads previous marriage. She brought 5 of us up with no fuss, and no bother that 2 of my siblings aren't genetically hers - she didn't care and brought them up as her own. 

And now is no different. Now she is a grandma to way too many children to count, she still does everything for everyone else. My children adore her - I think my eldest would go and live with her if he could!

But it has started to change in that, now mum is getting older, we have realised that she also needs looking after and we all pull together to support out mum, and dad, whenever they need it - which is where our #GlamMa day comes in...

Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs. They are wanting to highlight the importance of supporting those who may have restricted mobility or easy access to get out and about. And to most of us, a trip to the salon might not be a fuss, but for people with mobility issues, it can cause problems.

I had a look around their website and it made me realise just how hard it must be for people with reduced mobility to actually do these everyday things, such as going to get you hair done. Fenetic Wellbeing have a range of both Lightweight Wheelchairs and Folding Wheelchairs, which not only give people their freedom back, but also the chance to actually go out and treat themselves to a new hairdo without compromising on their safety. 

They offered to send my mum and I out for the day to have a beauty treat. Both my mum and I have our hair coloured and were actually both in need of touching up. My mum doesn't get out much and so it's like a real treat for her when she manages to get out and do something for herself.

We made the appointment and both spent a few hours chatting all about hair and how we would get it done. Mum wanted t-section highlights as she said they cover her greys but doesn't look too unnatural which is what she wants when she can't always get out to have it re-done all the time.

I decided on trying balayage with a root stretch for similar reasons to my mum - having 3 children means I don't always have a lot of spare time to focus on myself and so having a hair colour that wont look too bad once grown it a plus for me. Basically a root stretch takes my natural colour at the roots, and blends it with the balayage blonde, so as my hair grows the blonde slowly moves down my hair, still blended with my natural colour and not leaving a harsh root growth line. 

The salon we both attend is called Revive and they booked us both in at the same time. Becky was our stylist and was lovely and made us both feel comfortable. We spoke about our day, what we had planned and drank coffee whilst reading magazines. 

We were actually out for quite a few hours. Even though mum was only have t-section highlights, they take forever to do as mum has so much hair. She did decide to have a lot cut off though this time round - it was so long that she mentioned she couldn't reach the end to brush it. 

I was so amazed at how hard the balayage and root stretch process is to do - it looks so fiddly and time consuming. The results are stunning though and I'm so glad I opted to have this done as it mixes my favourite blonde shade with my natural roots. 

Mum and I have loved been a part of this campaign - It's not often I actually get to sit down and chat with my mum whilst the kids aren't round our ankles, so it was great to spend some mother/daughter time together. 


  1. Its nice to spend some quality time

  2. Sounds like a must do

  3. What a great day for you - must organise one too

  4. Fab that u got to spend quality time together. I love how it hair turned out

  5. EmmaM19:31

    I hope my daughters feel the same as you do considering your mum raised 5 children! I struggle with a 6 year old and a set of twins!��

  6. It really does look amazing! I tried balayage and unfortunately it went quite wrong!

  7. It's nice to have some mum daughter time

  8. It's nice to spend mother and daughter time together