4 Ways to Cosy Up Your Bedroom for Autumn

We might still be in the midst of a beautiful Summer heat-wave at the moment, but we've got to get prepared as Autumn is coming, and with it chilly weather that is perfect for curling up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, or the laptop. The good news is that there are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cosy space that you'll loath to leave. 

Autumnal Bedding All The Way 
Chances are your bed is the biggest thing in your bedroom, so switching out your bedding will have a huge effect on the feel of the room. My personal favourite is bedding that matches with the seasons and so design wise I would go for leafy patterns for Autumn, maybe with a thicker thread or material, ready for the impending cold.

Add A Throw Into The Mix
Nothing says cosy quite like curling up under a big, heavy blanket. A faux fur throw or chunky knit blanket, draped over the bed, will add instant oomph and texture to your bedroom. Not only will this make your bedroom look cosy and warm, but it's the perfect way to cuddle up on your bed and watch re-runs of Friends on loop. 

Cosy Up Your Lighting. 
Lighting makes such a huge difference in the feel of a space. Get ready for Autumn by adding some low, soft lighting to your bedroom. You could even add some wooden blinds from Direct Blinds to really give your bedroom an autumnal theme. Keeping the cold outdoors and the inside looking cosy and warm. 

Add A Little Dark
It's hard to say why but dark colours seem to just ooze comfiness. Cosy up your bedroom by adding bedding or curtains in a dark colours with warm tones to them and it'll instantly make your bedroom seem warmer. Or if you're feeling extra bold, paint the whole room.

I'm already planning my autumnal bedroom and have been slowly adding bits to my online baskets. It's great to be prepared, but just make sure you enjoy this nice weather we are currently getting before the cold sets in for Winter...


  1. Always after ideas thanks - time to get some throws - its getting nippy

  2. Love the lighting idea. I think the lighting can totally change the mood of a room.

  3. Glad I came across this, been looking for ideas for my bedroom and with Autumn just around the corner some great ideas. Thanks x

  4. love all your ideas, definately need a bit of cosiness in my bedroom.

  5. Good ideas for the house

  6. I love a cosy bedroom - we're a big fan of thick blankets/throws :)

  7. Really lovely tips. That will come in handy as we are planning to re-decorate in the next month or so, so is great timing to make some changes!

  8. Some fabulous ideas here, to make the bedroom cosy

  9. Love the coldness of Autumn and Winter...Nothing better than cosying up indoors....especially in bed when the rain is pounding on the windows 😍