Ways To Save For House Renovations

10 years ago we were lucky enough to get the chance to live in our current house which my parents were in the process of buying. During that time, some of the rooms have had extensive changes to them. Taking it a room at a time to finally sort out the whole house to how we like it. 

I documented how we created a silver and grey living room with not many changes to our actual furniture, and then after that, we focused upstairs and a modern and sleek look was on the agenda when we designed our rose gold master bedroom to give a relaxing place to sleep. 

But all the rooms we have sorted have been the easy rooms, the ones that you can find a home decor offer for, add a feature wallpaper, a lick of paint and a new set of curtains to give the room a whole new look. It has come to the time now that we need to focus on those rooms that are going to take a bit longer, and cost a lot more money to renovate. 

The bathroom and the kitchen are the ones that are in dire need of sprucing up now. Both were in when we moved in to this house and both are the worst rooms in the house. The bathroom needs a whole new suite, re-tiling, and just given a modern look. Lucky for us, my dad is a tiler!

The kitchen, on the other hand, is basically a full pull out job. The past owners of the house decided to spend a small fortune on a kitchen without being able to afford the whole thing. This means that we have a really expensive half a kitchen with not enough storage or space for a family of 5.

Looking back at our house since my parents bought it 10 years ago, it has come a long way in how it looks but also with its worth too. I found this calculator that shows how much this property has increased in value over the same period. For this house, it's 15,000. Imagine what my parents would be able to do to the house if they had that money available!

We've decided that this year is the one that we'll get the whole house finished. With the help of my parents who will be putting towards, we have been thinking of ways to save so that these rooms can finally be made to look as amazing as we want them to be. Here are a couple of ways to save for house renovations...

Put Money In A Savings Account
Although this one would take some time, it's a way of being able to save for the big things when you don't have equity available to you. Work out how much your can spare from your monthly income and send it to a savings account. This can be as much or as little as you can afford and only works if you're the type of person who won't dip into it every time you fancy a takeaway. 

Save Money On Bills
Compare everything that you pay for. Electricity and gas, entertainment packages, car insurance - get onto a comparison site and see if you can save money on these bills. I've found that you can barter with most companies, they're all able to give you a deal, if you're nice to them. Check your bank statements for your monthly outgoings and see if there are any that you're paying for nothing - gym membership that you use once a month? Bin it and keep the money for more important needs.

Sell Old Stuff
Check cupboards, wardrobes, everywhere in your house and see how much of your stuff you don't actually use. You'd be surprised at how much we seem to hoard and how much we could actually make from this if we just sorted through everything. Old clothing can be vintage to someone and make you a small fortune, old records are collectable and to be honest, if you don't use it, you might as well get rid.

It's all just a case of working out which way is best for you and save up those pennies so that you can have to home you hoped for.

*Collaborative Post


  1. This is exactly what we are doing at the moment. The struggle is real esoecially when we have kids too. We will get there though!

  2. Desperately need a new kitchen - already saving as much as i can - the sacrifices will be eorth it

  3. Great tips, i have been selling a lot of stuff on ebay recently, we are planning an extension