Top Holiday Destinations For New Parents

As a new parent, you can sometimes feel a little out of your depth. You may find that you don’t always have time to enjoy time together as a family as you would have expected and so, when the holiday season comes around, you should make the most of it together. But which places are best for babies and tots? 

With the help of Babythingz, a leading UK supplier of cute cosytoes for prams and buggies I've discovered these top child-friendly holiday destinations for you to choose from when holidaying with little ones. 

Holidaying in the UK is probably your safest bet when it comes to child-friendly destinations. This cuts down your travelling time and you don't get those looks from non-parents on the plane who don't want to listen to your baby. 

The Cornish coast in south-west England has a pleasantly warm climate and is one of the country’s most beautiful, peaceful and exciting spots. There are so many places to stay here too, with a choice of relatively-secluded cottages, which is ideal for young families that have crying babies or playful and loud toddlers. Or you can opt for B&B's or a hotel, just make sure they give enough space to fit your whole family.  

The Algarve
You can reach the Algarve region in Portugal in around two-and-a-half when flying so, if you think your little one, and yourself, can handle the journey it;s the perfect little trip for a first child flight. The Algarve region is great for families as it has plenty of child-friendly resorts, hotels and activities that will suit kids from newborn to toddler. There are lots of waterparks around the area featuring sections for babies, although I would recommend choosing some of the calmer towns that may better suit your young family — such as Praia de Luz, Cascais and Alvor.

Trust your toddler on a long flight? Then try Tenerife which takes around a four hour flight. Being one of the most popular islands of the Canaries, there is no time difference so no need for your child's bedtimes to be messed up. 

What's more, many hotels offer on-site childcare should you and your partner want to head out alone at some point for a romantic meal. Tenerife has a fantastic climate for children as well — not too hot, little rain and practically no humidity, which will make sleeping easier.

Tips on travelling with kids
  • Set off early to give yourself plenty of time. Children take forever to do even the smallest of things and if you’re late, you’ll stress yourself out and a fussy child will only add to the anxiety.
  • Pack all the essentials for a baby or toddler as it's easier than having to find them when you're away. This can add a lot of extra weight to your luggage though, so cut down where you can by opting for a lightweight buggy and travel-sized toys and sanitary products.
  • Be careful with baby food and milk: you can carry baby milk and baby food through airport security in containers over 100ml, so make sure you prepare this before setting off if you'll need them for the flight. 

Hopefully, this has inspired you to take that family holiday you’ve always wanted to go on this year! Bear the above tips in mind to help make the journey just as good as the destination, too.

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    Really good post and helpful tips about what to take/pack in hand luggage.

  2. Cornwall we love - the algarve ive never been !
    Great ideas to make our travels the best

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