The Results Of My Silk'n Lipo Trial

Over the past couple of month I have been trying to combat my body issues with Silk'n Lipo to see if I can gain body confidence in myself. I have always had issues with my body and these became more prevalent once I had children. 

It has left me feeling low at times. Sometimes not wanting to wear tight clothing, or clothing that will show off those parts pf my body. So when I had the chance to try out the Silk'n Lipo in a 10 week trial I thought it was great to see if I could finally gain some confidence in myself.

If you've been following my social media over the past few months then you will have probably already seen a few differences. For instance, on our recent holiday to Spain I actually wore a bikini and not just around the quiet pool, I wore it to the beach and had photos taken in it. I was really proud of myself for doing it, but was still conscious about posting some of these photos on social media.

I found myself looking through the photos to find ones that I thought were acceptable, and only including ones that were shot from the side, or covered my stomach. I realised that because I was only half way through my Silk'n Lipo trial, there were probably still some work to do to get me to my body confidence goals. 

Just to give you a quick recap about the Silk'n Lipo. It works in 2 ways, Low Level Laser Therapy and Effective Electric Muscle Stimulation:

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?
Low Level Laser Therapy in Silk'n Lipo applies laser in a certain wavelength. When applied to adipocyte cells (fat cells) it ensures the perforation of fat cell membranes, causing the fat cells to “leak”. Over time, and with repeated use, fat cells are affected. This results in fat loss in the treated area and a loss of centimetres. 

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?
To facilitate the fast removal of extracted fatty acids from the body, Silk’n Lipo combines LLLT with Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS is based on the application of electrical pulses through electrodes on the skin, ensuring muscle activity in the treated area. Muscle activity contributes to muscle tone, as well as faster blood circulation and lymphatic activity. EMS stimulates the body’s processes for waste disposal, including fatty contents that leak out of the perforated fat cells. 

Both technologies are clinically proven to be effective and safe to use. This means that Silk’n Lipo reduces stubborn fat, whilst it trains and tones the underlying muscles at the same time. So both technologies work together to help you lose the inches. And to aid this process, it is recommended that you to drink enough water before and after the treatment.

I have been very good with using the machine, and luckily for me, it's so easy to use and wear. You pop it on after wetting the pads at the back and then turn to the strength you require before letting it get to work. One cycle is 15 minutes and it turns off when it's finished. You can then move it to another part of your body to keep going, making sure to to overlap on where you've just done.

So, here are my results of my trial after the 10 weeks that it ran for...

Start Date               End Date
Bust 41.5               Bust 41.5
Chest 36                 Chest 35.5
Waist 38                Waist 37
Hips 39.5                 Hip 39
Thigh 23                 Thigh 23

So, in total over the 10 week period I lost 2 inches from my body in measurements. I'm actually quite happy with this as within this time, I had to stop going to the gym because of the time I had spare meant I was no longer able to get there. This left me feeling deflated and thinking that I'd get to the end of the trial probably not losing anything because my routine had change. But I'm happy to say that it has.

Below are my before and after photos. Looking at them, you might not be able to see lots of difference, but I can. Looking at my stomach, I can see that it has slightly lifted a little which makes me feel happy as that's the part of my body that I've always had problems with.

For now though, I'm going to continue using the Silk'n Lipo machine because if this is what it can do in 10 weeks, I'd like to see what it can do in a few more month or more...


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