Our 10 Year Anniversary And We're Finally Having A Honeymoon

At the end of this month we will have been married for 10 long years. To be honest, it seems to have flown by in a shot. A click of the fingers and we have a house, 3 children and yearly holidays abroad. 

10 years ago though, things looked different for us. I was made redundant 2 month before our wedding and so it was spent with a lot of worry wondering how we would even afford the wedding, never mind a honeymoon. 

Thankfully for us, my parents are amazing and made sure our wedding was one to remember - my mum being a baker helped heaps since she ended up making the cake for us - and in the end they booked us a few days away in Spain, just so we could celebrate after the wedding in some way.

We never got a proper honeymoon though. Soon after returning home, we were back on track and saving for a honeymoon when we found out I was pregnant and so this meant that any holiday ideas were then put on hold. 

10 years later and we still haven't had the honeymoon we dreamed of, and to be honest, I don't think we ever will. Now, I couldn't imagine holidaying without the boys at all, and so, when we've started looking at honeymoon locations, we base our decisions on whether they would be suitable for children too, or if they have kids clubs so that we could have a few precious hours together, just to 2 of us. 

Our ideal honeymoon would be a long-haul destination and it's something we have fought against each other with so much. There are so many places to choose from and we've looked at holidays by Destination2 which has given us so many ideas. My husband is dreaming of Mexican foods and the culture in Cancun whereas I want Caribbean palms and clear waters. 

I mean, to be honest, they are both perfect places, and ones we have both dreamed of visiting at some point but I guess, when it comes to bringing the children with us, we need to be practical which is why I think my husband will get his way and Cancun will be our honeymoon destination. 

With peaceful beaches and stunning seaside resorts on the Riviera Maya, it's bursting with historical delights and the boys could enjoy this country of contrasts and colour whilst out with kids club who would teach them to paddleboard, surf and keeps them entertained some days too so that my husband and I can spend some time, enjoying our own company and enjoy our honeymoon together.

It's something we've been thinking about for a while now, and since we've finally hit 10 years married, we've decided that next year will be the one that finally sees us go on honeymoon. 


  1. sounds fantastic and well deserved to celebrate

  2. Emma C08:48

    Aww, glad you're finally going to be getting your honeymoon! Hope it's everything you dreamed of!

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