Making The Spare Room Into A Games Room

An evening full of games is not meant just for the kids, with so many electronics on the market, there are plenty of activities to keep adults and children of all ages entertained. 

You may think your home has run out of space for a games room, but it’s possible that the spare bedroom, basement or attic is an untapped resource to make this room perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s already furnished, currently an office like our spare bedroom, or waiting to be sorted, you can certainly rework it into a great games room with a little know-how.

We have spent a lot of time doing up our house and this year will see us living here for our tenth year. A couple of month ago I wrote about how we designed the boys bedroom to grow with them but in having them all share one room, it means there isn't much space for technology in there so it makes sense to have our spare room as a hub for everything technological. 

When it comes to making room for everything though, you need to decide in advance how your space will be used. Be careful not to over pack it with activities and make sure you still have everything you already need in the room. Our spare room will be part games room and part office, mashing them up together to make it workable for us. 

So at one end there will be a desk and office chair with a cabinet for my documents, and the other will see a nice comfy sofa with bean bags to lounge on. Going for an industrial style, I think a brick wallpaper mural would look amazing as a backdrop to give it that hideaway feel.

I'll be searching for the ultimate tech deals to make sure we can pack it out with games consoles and music equipment. We already have a PS4 but it would be great to have a good gaming PC so I can play some of my favourite titles too. New tablets so the boys can play some of their favourite games and I can quickly respond to emails in between games. 

Okay, it's not going to be one of these huge rooms that you see on MTV's Cribs with a bar, full of friends and thousands of pounds worth of goodies. But it'll be a place for us to have some downtime in between work. To sit and watch family movies with the kids in a nice peaceful nuck and a place where any of us can just pop to when we fancy a bit of time sitting down, listening to music and chilling out.

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  1. Great idea - we had one as teenagers - wasnt hugh but kept us out of mischief

  2. Emma C08:52

    this is a really nice idea if you have the space

  3. What a good idea - if you have a spare room why not use it as a games room!

  4. Great idea and very handy to have! Brilliant post!