Can You Feed A Family Of 5 For £50 A Week?

We all know nowadays just how much you need to budget to live a decent life. If we want our yearly holidays and nice days out, we need to budget accordingly and save money wherever we can and sorting out a meal plan can help so much with saving money.

Food waste is such a big problem in our country and one that costs us, and the environment, a fortune. Cooking well on a budget and with minimal waste is a skill but it's something that we're not taught to do. At school, we make fairy cakes but instead we should be taught how to make hearty meals that are cheap to make but nutritious. 

I was challenged to see if I could feed our family of 5 on a budget of £50 a week to see if I could create delicious meals that were within budget but nutritious and filling. I initially thought it would be quite hard as supermarkets don't really cater for those who want to get the best deal. Special offers are usually there to trick the mind into thinking you're getting a deal, when a lot of the time, they are inflated prices or can be bought cheaper elsewhere. 

It is a struggle to work out how to save money on a food shop but I think if you check prices, weights and order your groceries online, you can usually get a fairly good deal. So, can you feed a family of 5 on £50 a week?

Day 1
Lunch: Ham sandwiches and apples 
Dinner: Omelette with salad 

Day 2
Lunch: Cheese and tomato pizza wraps
Dinner: Fish with new potatoes and couscous

Day 3
Lunch: Scrambled eggs on brown toast
Dinner: Pasta in a tomato sauce

Day 4
Lunch: Tomato soup with crusty bread
Dinner: Chicken in a tomato and honey sauce with potatoes and broccoli

Day 5
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwiches
Dinner: Carbonara-style pasta

Day 6
Lunch: Pasta salad
Dinner: Jacket potatoes with ham salad

Day 7
Lunch: Cheese salad wraps
Dinner: Sausages and mash

I made this list consciously to make sure that food items could be overlapped on days as bulk buying in usually cheaper. One bag of pasta can last for 2 meals in our family, and the ham I bought lasted for the sandwiches, salad and in the carbonara pasta. 

I bought broccoli as it was on deal so was the cheaper veg and used this between 2 days and try to incorporate potatoes into the meals on most days as these are filling. And the left over chicken from day 4 was used in sandwiches the following day so there was no wastage. 

Shopping online meant that I could search around the online shop for the best deals, looking for what was on sale this week and adapting my meal plan to fit. I shopped at Asda for all the ingredients I needed and made a list before I got shopping online so I could make sure I stuck to it and didn't go off piste. 

Overall, over the week for these meals, we spent £48.97 but this didn't include spices and herbs etc that I had in the cupboard already. I personally think this is amazing as it just shows that we can live on tighter budgets, and still have a nutritious and varied diet, without spending a fortune. 

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  1. Well done - shows it is possible - and healthy too