5 Ways You Can Replace A Broken Appliance

We all know how something breaks just as you've got the monthly bills sorted. You know what it's like, money sorted, spare to take the kids out and then the washer gives up, the laptop starts flickering or the dreaded car breaks down and you're left wondering where the money is coming from to replace or fix it.

I know this all too well. We seem to have no luck with appliances, and so as soon as we replace one, another starts to give up. Because these sorts of things are so temperamental, it's always a good idea to have a home warranty plan in place. These are fairly easy to find; if you're from California, for example, just search for "California home warranty" online to see what's available. This won't stop things from breaking, but it will protect you from the costly repairs. I thought I'd write about what you can do when a breakage happens. Here are my 5 ways...

This is probably the obvious one - saving for it. If you can wait, and budget accordingly, you could save to replace a broken appliance in no time. Cut down on necessities and put all spare money into your savings so that you can afford to buy one down the line. Unfortunately, this might not work sometimes though when you've got 3 messy kids and no way of washing the mountains of clothing they've left lying around the house. 

If saving will take too long, then you can always look into buying secondhand. Search for secondhand appliances on Gumtree and you can see just how much you can save by buying from someone who has no need for it anymore. The best bit is that you can find ones that are close by so can be picked up and sometimes, they're even free which is always a bonus.  

Bargain Hunt
It's amazing how many people will walk into the closest electrical shop and purchase from there, not even giving a thought for the deals that could be had by buying online. Sometimes it is hard to search and find every store that sells the product you like though and so it's good to check a comparison site. PriceRunner compares prices of everything from appliances to pushchairs and even computers and will tell you where is the best place to buy from for the best deal.  

If all else fails and you need to purchase something straight away as a replacement, you can always take out a short term loan. When doing this, always make sure you get one that is suitable for you and your income and can be paid back in as little time as possible. You can check out the CashLady consumer index which shows the average loan request, monthly income, and even top employers. 

Do Without
Do you need it? Can you do without? If so, then don't bother replacing it. A few years ago our dishwasher broke. We looked at the price to replace it but then realised that for the amount it was used, and the fact that it could be done by hand, it wasn't worth it for us to buy another, so we did without. 

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  1. Always prefer to have a cash pot - ive done for years - tis easier than people think
    The trick is not to delve in everyday
    Works for me