4 Ways To Keep Your Car Running And On The Road For Longer

Owning a car can have its positives and negatives - on one hand, it gives you freedom to go wherever you want to without waiting for public transport, but on the other hand, if you don't maintain it, fixing a car can become expensive. 

Maintaining a family car is important, as a neglected vehicle can cause serious issues and be dangerous. So, here are my 4 ways of maintaining a car to keep it safe and running for longer...

Check Your Tyres
Tyres are easily the most important safety feature on a car so checking them once a week could save, not only money, but yours, and your families, lives. As well as that, under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption too so keep them topped up to the recommended pressures in your cars handbook and they'll last for longer too. What's more, you can order tyres online from Iverson Tyres Middlesex Branch and have new ones fitted in no time. 

Have Regular Car Servicing 
Regular servicing is vital to keep your car in top condition health wise and prolong its life. Service intervals are based on time or miles driven, but around once a year is best. You can have a minor service which includes changing the oil and oil filter, and replacing other fluids if necessary but every now and then, it's good to have a full service to replace the air filter, spark plugs and timing belt. 

Drive sensibly
You'd think this would be obvious, but I see so many people driving erratically and they just don't seem realise how much they could be damaging their car. Speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking are the quickest ways to waste petrol (or diesel), as is keeping the car in idle whilst parked. And being in the wrong gear will ultimately damage your clutch and your car. 

Keep Your Car Clean
Keeping your car clean inside and out can significantly extend its life of it. On the outside grit and grime (road salt in winter) can get into moving parts and cause wear and corrosion on the inside of the car. And it's so easy to keep the car clean, do it yourself to make sure you get into every space. Get the kids involved too as it always seems to be a fun thing to do when they can play with the hosepipe and drench the car. 


  1. Certainly makes all the difference- best of all it saves pounds

  2. Emma C08:25

    I am terrible for keeping mine clean - definitely need to start showing it some more love.