Sun, Sea & Family Fun!

Are there many things that sound better than this!? Well, actually, a lot of you will say yes. A day at the beach is a blessing for us adults… but a day at the beach with children can be a different story. Sand in all crevices, salt water in the mouth and eyes, and a nappy that’s bursting full, with a swimsuit that doesn’t seem to want to come off. We’re joking… it’s not all that bad… A little trip to the seaside is something that really should be cherished, it’s memories that you might not be able to make again whilst your children are so young, or whilst they actually want to be out in public with you. Obviously, the older they get, the more that you can relax on your beach trip. If you’re ready to enjoy the weather this weekend, we really do hope you head to the beach for some sea, sun and family fun! Here’s how you can make the most of it. 

Devon Is The Heart Of Family Fun
If you’re trying to head for some sea and fun, then we really do recommend that you go to Devon. You have got the cheaper and probably more entertaining destinations for your children, such as Blackpool, but they don’t have what Devon has. Devon offers pure beauty, peace, and some of the nicest beaches in the UK. Ok, it might not have a pier for you to waste £50 changing money to 10p’s, but it does have wide open spaces where you can create your own fun. There are plenty of family campsites in Devon for you to enjoy, all of which aren’t going to set you back a fortune. The campsites so close to the sea is something that big tourists spots such as Brighton and Blackpool are missing. Whilst they’re both very commercial, Devon has remained a place of natural beauty, and to be there is rather calming!

Reducing The Nightmares
We listed a couple of nightmares in the beginning, they’re just something you’re going to have to deal with, no matter what. To reduce them, the best thing that you can do is try and keep your little ones from rolling around in the sand, like you might see them be tempted to do from time to time. As for another nightmare, we know you’re going to have to deal with the grumpy teenager at some point. If you want our advice, just leave them to enjoy the sun. Don’t try and force them to join in, it’ll only damper the spirits of the day. As long as they have a phone or tablet to watch films on, they should be easily entertained for a while.

Making The Most Of Your Days Out
You don’t want to miss out on any fun when it comes to a trip away, so many sure that you’re up bright and early! Focus on doing things that are going to make the whole family happy, and don’t just stick to the seaside if you’re there for a couple of days. See if there is anything adventurous to do, such as segway tours or attractions for children.

We hope your first family does go to plan without a hitch!


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