Seaspray Ave Halter Plunge Swimsuit

As someone who is self-conscious about the clothing I wear, when it comes to swimwear, I get a little anxious with the choices out there to pick from. Taking the boys swimming can become a bit of a chore when it means having to bare my body issues to the whole pool. 

I've always searched for the perfect swimsuit for me. Tummy control to smooth out my mummy-tummy with gentle shaping and soft and supportive cups that will actually hold in larger breasts whilst also being beautiful in design and having a flattering fit. 

However, the one area that has always been lacking is different sizing to fit all the different women in the world. Designers now offer plus size ranges and even the petite range is a growing sector, but clothing, and swimwear, for taller women seems to pass us by. Seaspray is the only design that currently caters to the taller woman.

Seaspray adds an extra two inches in length to every single swimsuit in their range which means that taller women, or women who have longer bodies, can get a swimsuit that fits with ease. And they seem to tick all the boxes for me too. They make some gorgeous designs, control swimsuits and plus size fits. 

I was sent the Seaspray Ave Halter Plunge Swimsuit by UK Swimwear to show off just how well they fit and just how amazing their designs are. The Seaspray Ave Halter Plunge swimsuit not only features their controlled tummy section, but it has a plunge, soft cups and gold clasps for a little extra to grab the eye. It also has a stunning pattern that is part crystal cavern and part stormy sea to make it stand out from the crowd.

The swimsuit not only smooths out my body whilst showing off the better features. The design is bright and colourful with a gorgeous pattern. The halterneck design is perfect for someone with larger breasts too as it can be altered to fit without being too tight. 

It's nice to see a brand actually thinking about the people that will be wearing their items and activity making their designs suitable for more figures and inclusive to those who would usually struggle to find the perfect fit. 


  1. I've not heard of this brand before off to check them out

  2. Oo la la looking fab - not heard of them either - looks lush

  3. Laura Turner09:05

    Always struggle with getting the right swimsuit that hides all the bulges. Invariably opt for black.


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