Fun Activities For Energetic Children

Most of the time, we see our children getting energetic, dirty and disappearing outdoors and panic that they'll catch some illness or another, and call them in to keep them safe. Children are so resilient though and T  really just wants me to share that enthusiasm with him to get outdoors and go. 

So, I decided that instead of selfishly quashing that joy, I use some methods to help direct his energy in a way that allows him to be himself, outdoors, and in a safe way. My tricks is to channel that energy and get him to burn as much as possible in a positive and productive way.

Incorporate exercise time into each day without it being a boring chore that us adults think it is. Whether it be actual exercise activities or simply active games, make it fun and do it together. It doesn't just have to be that one child too - I like to involve all the boys and make it a fun thing for us all to do. 

If the weather's nice, I make an assault course outside and we take turns to give it a go. Jumping over blocks,climbing through sheets and over the swing, making it a great way to pass the day and burn off that excess energy and is a fun outdoor activity for children.

And exercise is a great habit for children to form in early life, to stick with them into adulthood. You could even pick up cheap bikes and get them down the canal for a long ride cross country. 

You don't have to go far to exercise you could even play games in your garden or local park like badminton, tennis, football and rugby.

Be A Rugby Mum
I will be getting T into an active, hands-on sport for him to wear off his energy and anger at. I am not advocating a family putting sports first and becoming so busy focusing on one thing, but our local rugby team hold sessions once a week and this will help with cognitive and physical development in younger children. It's also a great way to teach discipline and teamwork as well which is an added bonus!

Get Them On The Road
Okay, maybe not on an actual road, but T always comments on how he can't wait to be old enough to drive. I think that a junior driving experience would be great for him as it gives children a chance to drive cars and test their skills in a real vehicle as a young driver. Kids can pick up valuable techniques which will benefit them as they venture out on to the roads in the future when they become of age. 

So, within reason, embrace your child's energy and allow them to be that kid who jumps off of walls, rides a bike wearing a motorcycle helmet and runs around without a care in the world...

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  1. We love our local ADVENTURES playground - total WORKOUT for us all