5 Things You Must Do Before Travelling Abroad

We've done a lot of travelling over the years, and packed more than our fair share of suitcases. We've got, and learnt the hard way, the know how when it comes to travelling abroad and I thought that it's only right I share my tips. So, here are the 5 Things You Must Do Before Travelling Abroad....

Check Your Passport
Sounds like a simple one really, but if you’re going on holiday there's no use leaving it till the last minute to check your passport when there's the likelihood that it could be running low on its expiration date. During the school holidays. or just before, the passport office slows down as an influx of applications come in, so make sure you check whether your passport is in date when you book so you don't end up have to pay for a premium turnaround service.

Also bearing in mind that passports need to be valid for after your arrival date. The length of this depends on your destination country as some countries want three or six months valid on your passport at the time of your entry to the county otherwise they will not let you travel. 

Travel Insurance As Soon As You Book
Travel insurance is a must when booking abroad, even more so if you have children or a pre-existing medial condition. It's always best to be safe than sorry. But it's not just about protecting you whilst you are on holiday. You should get medical travel insurance the minute you book you holiday as it also covers you for illnesses or accidents before you go. If you get ill before travelling, the insurance will come in to play and leave you no worse off than you would have been before booking. 

Get a EHIC Card
The European Health Insurance Card is issued free of charge and allows anyone who part of the EEA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment in another member state free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their visit. Make sure to go directly to their website above to apply and don't pay for this service as it is free. It takes a few weeks to arrive and lasts a year. And make sure you pack this when you travel. There's not point having this card is you don't take it with you - no card, no proof. 

Make Sure You Know What You're Getting
Manage your expectations, read the small print and look out for where you are booking. You get what you pay for when it comes to booking a holiday. The service levels you can expect to receive from a £5,000 holiday will be very different from a £1,000 holiday. Do your research before you go on the travel offer you are getting. Have a look at reviews on independent sites to see how others have rated your proposed destination and hotel. 

Check Your Luggage
There are many problems that can arise when packing your luggage. Make sure you check your weight limit to make sure you aren't going be left with a hefty fee at the airport for going over. Check what you are packing and where. Bottles under 100ml can go in hand luggage, but anything over needs to go into the hold. Electricals can be put in hand luggage but need to be taken out prior to going through security so there can be scanned separately too (don't do what I did and have to go through twice due to pesky hair straighteners). 


  1. Some really sensible advice there. I once discovered the night before travelling that the lock on my only suitcase was broken. I had to find some old rope in the shed to keep it shut!

  2. Luggage - ! Once had a nightmare picking all my undies etc off the luggage retrieval - i always secure with straps - gave everyone a right laugh too

  3. Some great tips here, I got stung 40 pounds recently, because my hand luggage was 3cm over what it should be, I did argue, and I did measure it, but when I placed it in the cage, the wheels hung out by 3cm, I couldn't believe they charged me, but I surpose, where do they draw the line

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