Taking Our First Family Holiday Abroad

For years we dreamt of being able to take the children abroad. Each time we did, something came up to stop us being able to afford it - or J turned up which meant no travelling whilst he was too young to enjoy it.

We saved and saved, every last bit of extra money available, and eventually was able to fly abroad as a family of 5. Spain was ideal for the boys first flight as it was only 2 and a half hours so we could see how they would react to flying. Luckily they all loved it!

Spain is lovely for families. With everything you'd have at home, and the sun, which is always a bonus. The boys loved the beach, and getting to explore their surroundings in a warmer climate. Playing outdoors with the sun on their back and their toes in warm sea. 

And travelling abroad with children isn't all about the weather - after all that Googling of places and locations, our children received a worldly education in context. And getting to see what your children see, through their eyes is amazing. They pick up on the smallest details in a mountain, and the biggest changes compared to home.

Finding hidden gems such as the charming coastal town of Altea, which is located just north of Benidorm. It's natural surroundings, undisturbed coves and traditional Mediterranean architecture are stunning to look at and a visit to the Church of the Virgin del Consuelo in the old town is a must also. It was a way to show the boys some of Spain's old town culture.

Watching out to sea and wondering why you never seem to see peacocks on Peacock Island. And whether the urban myth is really true about it - that it used to be a part of Puig Campana mountain range and ended up in the sea. You never know, there is that huge gap in the mountain which always leaves people wondering.

You collect memories, not things. The views, the sights, the beautiful places and surroundings. And going on holiday cements that bond between parent and child. Spending those couple of weeks with just them, no work, no school, no tv, just togetherness in a beautiful place. 

It was such an amazing holiday that we got to enjoy together and we've been looking at maybe next time, going a bit further afield. Since the boys all loved the plane, we thought that our dream of visiting Cancun could now become a reality so we've been checking Destination2 and marking places to visit and things to see whilst there. 

Ik Kil has always been a gem that I've wanted to visit. Now it's just a case of saving for our next adventure abroad, and then we can get going!

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  1. Glad to hear you guys had such an amazing holiday