Miele W1 WWG120 9KG 1600RPM Washing Machine Review

Having a large family means that we go through tons of loads in the washing machine each week. As soon as one load is washed and dried, another is going in to be washed. This means that we need a machine that is reliable and can cope with the amount of washing that I'll be throwing at it. 

I was lucky enough to receive the Miele W1 WWG120 washing machine from AO.com and it arrived the day after we got back from Spain so it had a very good workout in it's first few days with us - 11 loads in fact!

If you're anything like me, then you'll know that there's a hierarchy of brands when it comes to appliances - and Miele is usually at the top of that list. Miele is the brand used industrially, they can take a good battering and still keep spinning. Sheltered housing usually use this brand as they know it'll be good for years (I know this as my mother-in-law told me so!) so I knew that it would be good for us. 

I wanted an appliance that would last the years, have a good energy rating, and will let me choose my own settings for each wash I do. And as someone who likes things to flow in the kitchen, I love it because it matches my Miele T1 TDB130WP Heat Pump Tumble Dryer which I vlogged about last year. 

The Miele W1 WWG120 washing machine has a 9kg drum capacity so although it's not as big as ones we've had in the past, it's still a good sized drum for getting those loads done, and its amazing A+++ energy rating makes it economical too. 

You can just tell the build quality by looking at it. The enamelled front which is designed to take no marks and be easily cleanable. The robustness, from the uniform operation on the dial, the honeycomb drum, to the hefty click you get when the machine shuts and then locks itself. And at £949 you'd expect no less from this machine. 

The clever ProfiEco Motor has been designed to make this model run efficiently as well as really quietly, making it perfect for open plan living. It has also been tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, so you know it’s built to last, which is good as no one needs to be searching for new washing machines every couple of years. 

With the intelligent CapDosing system, tailor-made detergent capsules are released into the wash at the perfect time – so whether it’s silk, wool or outdoor wear, your clothing will be treated with incredible care. But you can also use regular liquids and powders too as the capsules are a little on the expensive side. 

So, onto doing the washing. The Miele W1 WWG120 washing machine has plenty of settings to choose from - from the regular cottons, to speciality sports washes and quick washes. It has a digital dashboard which means once you've selected your programme, you can then change the settings slightly to suit your needs. 

This is great for me as I like to use the cottons choice but prefer to use 30° instead of a hotter wash. You can also change the length of the wash by choosing the 'short' option. This means that the regular 2 and a half hour cottons will half in time. Still giving a great and thorough wash, but quicker. 

What's more, you can go into the washing settings and turn on memory so that once you've chose all your settings, the machine will remember them after each wash. And when turned back on, will keep the settings you've chose so no having to input them each time. This saves so much time and messing about. 

When you initially turn to machine on for the first time, it takes 2 hours to calibrate itself. It makes sure everything is right with the fitting, and that it's level so there'll be no bouncing around once it's spinning. And the machine is so quiet. Even the huge spin at the end is super low. You can even turn on 'extra quiet' mode to make it even quieter - which would be great if you live open plan. 

Finally, with the 1600rpm spin cycle, it's amazing how dry the clothes come out at the end of the cycle. They are slightly damp rather than wet, which significantly speeds up drying time, saving energy on not having to tumble dry for as long. 


  1. Looks like a fab washing machine especially when u have loads of clothing to get clean. We need our landlord to replace our one really as its not the best.

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