Low-Cost Ways to Update Your Home

Keeping your house looking fresh and modern can be a bit of an uphill struggle, especially if you are working with a tight budget. Fortunately, as you will see, there is actually plenty of affordable ways to get the job done. Here are a few of the ones I think have the potential to work well.

Hang a mirror or two 
It is relatively easy to pick up a cheap and cheerful mirror. You can hang them virtually anywhere. When you do they greatly improve the look and feel of that room. Mirrors have a way of making even the smallest room seem spacious. They capture the light and reflect it back in, which helps to make the room seem bright and airy.

Create some new artwork for your home
In fact, updating your artwork is another easy way to give a room a fresh look. There are lots of approaches you can take. It is really easy to pick up posters and paintings in charity shops. Of, if you prefer, you can have some of your photos turned into canvas prints.

Change up your kitchen cabinets
If your kitchen is looking a bit dated, consider painting your cabinet doors and changing the handles. This video shows you how to do it. You could also replace your kitchen doors to give your kitchen a new lease of life. There are so many to choose from at Kitchen Warehouse, so you could have a kitchen that looks brand new, without having to actually replace it all.

Update your soft furnishings
Buying new cushion covers need not be expensive. If you are OK with a sewing machine you could even make your own.

Lay some rugs
Rugs are a good way to freshen up worn flooring. They cover up the worst of the problem and can be used to add a touch of colour.

Install some inexpensive flooring
In rooms where the flooring is too far gone, consider painting the floor. It is relatively easy to buy the specialist paint you need. Although, you need to bear in mind that it is usually nearly as cheap to buy some new flooring and lay that.

It is easy to buy low-cost lino or laminate flooring. However, you need to understand that it is cheap for a reason, so it is not likely to stay looking good for long. But, provided you protect the areas that are walked on the most, with rugs, it can easily last for a few years and be a good stopgap.

Re-caulk and clean your grout
If the caulking around your sink or bath is going mouldy, scrape it out and renew it. Cleaning your grout will also make a huge difference.

Use decals to cover up grotty tiles
Decals are a good way to cover up cracks in tiles. You can easily buy these online, or if you prefer you can create your own designs and print them at home. Again, you can buy the kits you need online.

Re-cover your dining room chairs
Re-covering a dining room chair is a relatively easy job. All you need is the fabric and an upholstery stapler. Potentially, you can use buy off cuts to do this job. They are far cheaper and there really is no rule that says your dining room chairs all have to be the same colour. In fact, mixing and matching them is a great way of creating a unique and interesting look.


  1. Great ideas - surprising what can be achieved by putting your mind to it

  2. There's some great idea there, thank you! I've been thinking about painting my kitchen units for a while....

  3. Great ideas I have had the same painted floor for 15 years so a reminder it needs an update

  4. ooo I hadn't thought about some of these things and our house definitely needs a bit of cheering up in places!

  5. Kim Styles17:39

    there are some great ideas here - thank you


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